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  1. AlexJHorton

    Which DSLR fisheye setup?

    Hi yall, long time no post. i have been filming with an hpx170 and the new century mk2 bayo for the better part of a year now. Having said that, im not a fan and i cant find an xtreme fisheye in good condition. I am looking for a fisheye setup that is comparable to the xtreme. I have seen some with the canon 8-15 that loom pretty comparable, but not sure if they have full frame or not, canon, panasonic or nikon, etc. consider budget to be $2000 for fisheye and cam. Ill need a mic, screen, and handle too so hopefully if possible $2k for all but ill be realistic. can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks!
  2. AlexJHorton

    P2 Card Reader

    Okay apparently it doesnt work with snow leopard OS according to reviews..if you dont have that you should he okay. Just want to make sure you get something that works
  3. AlexJHorton

    P2 Card Reader

    do you have mac or pc? you need a 34mm or 54mm express slot. It transfer to the computer straight through the extension on the end.
  4. AlexJHorton

    P2 Card Reader

    $30 plus shipping
  5. AlexJHorton

    P2 Card Reader

    i have this one? https://www.amazon.com/ExpressCard-Reader-Writer-Panasonic-cellular-wireless/dp/B001DQF3UM
  6. I'll post pics tomorrow, but i have: an hpx250 *works perfectly besides the playback "mode" button doesn't work, but it works fine under the "user tab". I bought it from John Danielson in Texas who filmed the corridor of shame videos.* 2 32 gb p2 cards (More than enough since you can use a function "delete last clip". The two cards will last you roughly an hour of 720p 60p footage.) 2 Original Panasonic long lasting batteries 1 charger mk2 fisheye that fits Hpx250 + Hpx170 . It is in perfect condition. There is a little dot on the lens but i havent ever been able to get it off, it doesn't effect footage. Looking for $1300 for the cam and accesories Looking for $700 for the mk2 lens If you buy both, i can cut some sort of deal or add things in. Willing to do trades, but realistically looking for some sort of full frame Canon Dslr, or canon fisheye. Offer up:)
  7. AlexJHorton

    maxell tape

    filmed yesterday
  8. AlexJHorton

    Trippy Yet Frequent Vx1000 Look

    haha these people are trolling you. All you need to do is make sure the skater is exposed first, over the background, since they are the subject of the shot. second, go into custom presets and bump your sharpness all the way up. Personally, all the way up to me is a little too much, i go one away from the top.
  9. AlexJHorton

    Vx1000 Dvd Settings (4x3 Ratio)

    that should just be the dvd player. If it's older, it may not be able to process the information fast enough. try it on another dvd player
  10. AlexJHorton

    Havent Filmed In A While

  11. AlexJHorton

    Fs Noseslide To Fakie

    is this the same thing marquise henry just got an ad on? but i would definitely shoot it in a way where you could see his face, or have him do a different trick that you could shoot from that angle? i understand not all skaters have that ability, but trick selection can help a ton, especially if you want to shoot a trick from a certain angle.
  12. AlexJHorton

    Vx1000 Dvd Settings (4x3 Ratio)

    im pretty sure it has something to do with your tv settings or dvd player settings. you can change the aspect ratio that way. there should be an option to play it with bars on the side, and in a 4:3 ratio. Not quite sure if youre playing it on a tv thats already 4:3 and its putting into widescreen? but if you have a widescreen tv, you just need to change the settings on the tv.
  13. Long story short, my best friend, who i skated with every day, died recently. With that, and getting a full time job, i haven't been able to devote as much time to skating, filming, and editing as i would like. but nonetheless, i had time the other day, and made this little edit.
  14. AlexJHorton

    Film Burn In 2016

    also: where do people get their film for these days? is kodak/b&h the only place?