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  1. kinesisfilms

    Official Tour Le Sketchpad

    2 years later.......we realize this fails
  2. kinesisfilms

    Tricktips - Volume 3

    you just suck really bad.
  3. make an offer....this lens is in mint condition.....only thing missing is rear lens cap.....everything that came with the lens originally is still there.
  4. kinesisfilms

    Floater Insurance

  5. kinesisfilms

    Blog Banner

    looks professional
  6. kinesisfilms

    Boca Spots Around My House

    hah wow.....i have never seen that ditch bump thing in boca before......my response is the same as devins (vegetables)....EDIT:i just saw the 2 buildings in the background....i can find it.
  7. kinesisfilms

    Spots In Florida

    david stoessel dorsaskatefl and I are the ones to contact we all live together.....we have taken people from skateperception before to spots around orlando and are pretty much the ones that hold it down with exception to the locals.....we are considered the hotel everyone stays at in orlando. if you are interested in spots in orlando watch montage 30 on kinesisfilms.net
  8. kinesisfilms

    Craigslist Scam?

    yeah don't go giving away information and phone numbers now.
  9. kinesisfilms

    Official Tour Le Sketchpad

    wow i can't wait to see this.....hopefully this actually goes through.
  10. kinesisfilms

    Backtail, Nollie Heel

    i like the feeling (colors and general atmosphere) to them.
  11. kinesisfilms

    Craigslist Scam?

    yes it is a scam.....they say the same shit everytime and they only want good electronics.....i was trying to sell my macbook.....and teh "person" i was dealing with was in iraq as a troop and wanted me to mail it to there brother in west africa.....they would also include 145 dollars for shipping......all they wanted was for me to send an invoice to them via paypal......so having been experienced and knowing that sending an invoice won't do any harm i sent them an invoice for 945 dollars......a day later i get a FAKE paypal receipt stating.....the money has been transfered but we are awaiting your trackign number.....i checked the email to see if it was from paypal...it said something along the lines of .......blahblah.paypal@live.com......where if it was real it would be @paypal.com.....so i forwarded the email to spoof@paypal.com.....and they took care of it by tracking down the user......so if you want you can send them the invoice and wait for there bullshit email and then forward the email to paypal to end their shananigans..... BUT YES IT IS A SCAM....ONLY IF YOU CLICK ANY OF THE EMAIL LINKS OR ACTUALLY MAIL OFF THE ITEM......
  12. kinesisfilms

    Front Feeble Down In The Mia

    not too bad but keep shooting....nice to see yet another florida photographer.
  13. kinesisfilms

    Boynton Parktage !

    no dolly footage...pfff.
  14. kinesisfilms

    Montage 30

    exactly GregFranklin exactly.......and i will look into andrew kramer blog....thank you.
  15. kinesisfilms

    Montage 30

    you have popups blocked...your settings are probably way too strict (meaning everything is blocked regardless and without notifying you).......at least set your browser to notify you when a popup is launched so you can allow or deny it to popup.....i have my settings set that way. http://www.kinesisfilms.net/locals30.html