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  1. What the hell have you been up to?

    finished my journalism degree, got a job in radio for 18 months, quit my job to do stand-up
  2. Post your username changes

    yo steve can u change mine to just barns
  3. Random Photo Discussion

    Google Nik is now free.
  4. Random Photo Discussion

    buy a ricoh.
  5. Random Photo Discussion

    fuck i hope someone comes thru with an answer because i know exactly what you're talking about and i can't find the photos anywhere online
  6. Random Photo Discussion

    http://www.theverge.com/2016/1/27/10838726/olympus-pen-f-new-digital-version-pricing-availability i will probably buy one of these in a couple of years when they're mad cheap anyway but i'll whinge and whine about how small the m4/3 sensor is even tho i never shoot photos anyway, but look at this thing. like, why has no other camera manufacturer thought to do this before: on a mirrorless camera ? perf aesthetic
  7. Random Photo Discussion

    yeh he had surgery a few years ago and he likes to drink so i rekn he'll be fine
  8. Random Photo Discussion

    fuck. one of my best friends has this and says it's "no big deal" and "mostly fixed". i hope he's telling the truth.
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    this website is fucking weird.
  10. Random Photo Discussion

  11. Random Photo Discussion

    my grd-2 has survived being dropped a bunch, being doused in countless beers, headbutts, all sorts of abuse and is still going strong (i think, i havent shot a real photo since july) get a gr (with the aps-c) and shoot it in 35mm crop if 28 is too wide
  12. Random Photo Discussion

    dude i was just about to come back and edit my post because i actually finally looked at the camera: it's goddamn beautiful. processing and digital conversion is included in the price of the film has an sd card slot for some reason and a built in mic i mean shit, it's niche but it's nice
  13. Random Photo Discussion

    lmao kodak about to drop a super 8 camera this is like when one of those bands from the 70s do a reunion tour but they're all fat and like two of them are dead but they just won't let the dream die
  14. Random Photo Discussion

    xa2? I remember a few years ago a guy on Aus ebay was trying to sell the coloured xa2's for $400
  15. Random Photo Discussion