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  1. Took about two years but it's finally out, 5th video from Zulu Skate Krew. East London skateboarding with a few guys from Southern California. Check it out: [media=640x468] [/media] Vimeo embedding's kinda tiny on here but fullscreen or click the vimeo logo for a bigger view. All critique welcome as always!
  2. popidiots

    Caught Slipping Teaser

    bump dat shit
  3. Haven't posted anything on this site for years, but me and few friends are ramping up to film another full length and just put a quick teaser together; It's not meant to be a serious video, but the teaser probably makes that clear! What do you guys think? More videos and stuff over at http://www.zskfam.com if you're interested.
  4. popidiots


    http://vimeo.com/6576164 Nothing particularly groundbreaking. Keep in mind that this is a part from a fuckaround video released for free. just thought i'd post it. you might get a laugh out of the ender.
  5. popidiots

    Blog Into Freewebs?

    By customize, I mean that because you have full access to your web directory, that you can install/write your own themes, plugins, etc. It's much more open than using wordpress.com
  6. popidiots

    Mall Grab Shipped

    Mine arrived this morning, it's so much radder on a TV. Thanks again Bunker.
  7. popidiots

    Blog Into Freewebs?

    If you really want full customization you could always use free hosting like Awardspace and host your own copy of Wordpress. Just a thought.
  8. popidiots


    I really appreciate the effort that has gone into this. Usually people just make a blogspot blog and choose a default theme, but this looks so different that at first I didn't even notice you were using blogger. The site's great, and the videos are sick too.
  9. popidiots

    Blog Into Freewebs?

    From personal experience, I can tell you that going with freewebs is a BAD IDEA. When I had my freewebs site, it was going offline all the time, and they only give you 40mb space for all your other stuff (videos and crap). As you're currently using blogger, I'd suggest wordpress.com. You get a fully functional wordpress install, without the install. It's super easy and they take you through it, and I also believe that you can import your existing posts from your blogger, so you don't lose anything.
  10. popidiots

    2009 King Of The Road Suggestion Thread

    cap a spot in front of people skating it.
  11. popidiots

    Mall Grab Shipped

    Tight. Azado's was obviously much higher and cleaner than the kids.
  12. popidiots

    Duke Nukem Forever

    Yeah I saw the thumbnail and immediately fucking google'd "DNF release date". I should know better than to trust Yahtzee.
  13. popidiots

    Ifone Footy Brah!

    cycorder ftw
  14. popidiots

    Worst Camera Drop?

    Here's another one after my tastily sketchy kickflip into bank at 0:38