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  1. Phalen

    New Think Video

    yessss that was rad. I honestly hadn't watched a whole lot of skating lately but that got me so hyped. Fuck yes. They all killed it but that Yankou dude had some gnarly shit
  2. Phalen

    A Tv Spot I Did

    fuck yeah. haha that was sick
  3. Phalen

    Chicks On Racks On Chicks City

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/drewp2/702202...57629318530580/ <3 :goldenwub:
  4. Phalen


    I'll grab the emerica if it isn't smallish
  5. Phalen

    Do You Like The Berrics?

    shut the fuck up
  6. Run until you can't anymore. then read a book and fall asleep. wake up feeling better.
  7. Phalen

    Mind Controlled Skateboard

    can't decide if...real
  8. Phalen

    Cops Took My Camera (got It Back)

    If you approach the police level headedly and not accusingly then you'll get better results. No one wants to admit that they fucked up less than cops do. Just be courteous while also making it clear that it WAS fine and they had it and NOW it's not. SO it was clearly their fault, and you MIGHT get somewhere. Goodluck. you'll need it haha