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  1. steve_o_yo

    Doodle Bugs

    Yea all hand drawn then the bits of colour were added digitally, took a few hours
  2. steve_o_yo

    Doodle Bugs

    I like that idea, I'll get some prints done, Ill be creating a simple web page for the project, ill let you guys know when it's up should be mid October time. Cheers for your comments.
  3. steve_o_yo

    Wood And Vintage Paper Madness

    I find that with illustration you'll develop a style you like so much it's hard to change, I like your style and it's a very popular style of drawing at the moment, (I think I draw very similar to this) I don't suggest you change it but I'd suggest you try animating your drawings as a way to progress, it's a challenge, you will also learn to draw pretty much anything and the end result would be amazing. Oh and keep working on the other styles you are learning, you may find something you like even more than what you have, (which is very good by the way!)
  4. steve_o_yo

    Doodle Bugs

    I'm an illustrator based in Norwich, UK. I'm going to be printing this t-shirt early next month, It's going to be a line of 'doodle' t-shirts. I'm thinking of doing a run of about 10-20 t-shirts for each design and then creating a new doodle each month to print and keep it fresh. Just wondered what you guys thought of the idea, quantities and what they look like? Oh and sorry for the shocking photoshop job! Cheers lads/lasses
  5. steve_o_yo

    School Project

    Second is sick, except for the type, I think it should be encorporated into the image more like on a billboard or something, not just in a splatter.
  6. steve_o_yo

    Vector Doodle

    [quote name='chasing heshy' post='2214780' date='Feb 29 2008, 02:20 AM']i like but edges are kinda chopppy..unless thats the style you were going for ah fix the compression! i lol-ed at the girls undies showin [/quote] Yea I'm not a fan of the whole clean crisp computerized look, so I just scribble round the edges with the pen tool, the only time I used a curve was for the shapes in the bg. Check out [url="http://www.johnmcnallyweb.co.uk/default4.asp"]John McNally[/url] he's an illustrator from Liverpool, does some awesome photo realism using Illustrator.
  7. steve_o_yo

    Vector Doodle

    Got bored so did a little doodle in illustrator.. [img]http://photos-d.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sctm/v203/242/74/520170397/n520170397_2357611_3734.jpg[/img]
  8. steve_o_yo

    New Shirt Tryout

    [quote name='Otherhood' post='2209691' date='Feb 26 2008, 05:08 PM']I believe that is why the type works in the mouth. People see the character first and then they realize it says something in it's mouth. I like it how it is.[/quote] hmm, It's just I can't make out what it says at all, it just seems like a bunch of letters as teeth, like he's the alphabet monster. Looks as though squeezing your company name somewhere into the image took priority. Just a bit of feedback anyhow, good work!
  9. steve_o_yo

    Couple Designs

    The first ones a great drawing, though I don't think it should go on a t-shirt, is it hand drawn? The other two I like, the highlighting on the wordsearch maybe needs more punch to make it more readable maybe?, good work allround.
  10. steve_o_yo

    Gayness School Project

    I'm guessing the point was to do it photographically though, and photography is a tool that graphic designers use
  11. steve_o_yo

    Another Shirt Design

    I like the sketchy lines in places, gives it more of a hand made feel than being just another digital clone.
  12. steve_o_yo

    New Shirt Tryout

    Looks good, cool character, I'd ditch the type in his mouth and just draw some proper teeth in, maybe put the company name somewhere underneath him smaller. I don't think you need much emphasis on type its all about the image.
  13. steve_o_yo

    Hey Some Help

    Does it have to be done in illustrator, you could do the word stab and just go mental with a knife at a piece of paper.
  14. steve_o_yo

    New Illustration

    [quote name='KristianHay' post='2201317' date='Feb 22 2008, 03:36 PM']I like the style of it, but I don't like how the ferris wheel isn't completely round. The oval like shape makes it look whack.[/quote] hmmm, it's not a side on view, so i was taking into consideration perspective, that's why the carts at the back are smaller and closer, and it would therefore be oval shaped. Guess that's not too obvious, I can see how it could be mistaken as being side on.
  15. steve_o_yo

    New Illustration

    I bought some inks the other day and decided to try something a bit different, (i usually just use fine liner pens, really detailed working) what ya recon? (added more work from today) (this ones coloured in photogoth) [img]http://photos-397.ll.facebook.com/photos-ll-sf2p/v191/242/74/520170397/n520170397_2310368_3603.jpg[/img] (this ones watercolour and inks) [img]http://photos-a.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sctm/v203/242/74/520170397/n520170397_2311196_4315.jpg[/img] (inks) [img]http://photos-b.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sctm/v203/242/74/520170397/n520170397_2311005_4096.jpg[/img] (inks) [img]http://photos-397.ll.facebook.com/photos-ll-sf2p/v191/242/74/520170397/n520170397_2310367_3339.jpg[/img]