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  1. The time has come for me to get rid of my camera gear. I can count on one hand the number of times I have gone skateboarding in the past year, and can no longer justify owning this camera. I'll be sad to see it go, as it has been a huge part of my life for the past few years, but it is time to move on. I have for sale my entire DVX100b setup. I am not willing to split anything, nor will I entertain any propositions of trades. I will be moving (possibly internationally) in the next few months and am looking to purge my assets of all that is unnecessary. I have a few duplicate accessories due to my first DVX being stolen at gunpoint. The setup is as follows: 1 - Panasonic AG-DVX100b 1 - Century Optics .3x Ultra Fisheye Lens 1 - Bescor 50/100 Video Light 1 - Ogio Ty 2 Video Bag 1 - Panasonic 5400mAh Battery 1 - Panasonic 2800mAh Battery 1 - Bescor Video Light Battery w/ Shoulder Strap 2 - Panasonic Chargers 2 - DVX100b Lens Hoods 2 - Panasonic Shoulder Straps 1 - DVX100b Camera Remote 1 - Standard Lens Brush 1 - DVX100b Owners Manual The Good: I bought my DVX new around three years ago and have been it's only owner and operator. This camera has been well taken care of. I made sure never to mishandle the camera or expose it to excessive dust, dirt, or water. The internal meter reads 110 hours, which after three years of use is a relatively low number. I have ran approximately 15 tapes through this camera over its lifetime. I never mixed tape brands and ran only Sony Premiums. Overall this camera is in great condition. The Bad: This camera was used to film skateboarding, and therefore has taken a few hits from stray boards. Although, only one lens hit ever resulted in any damage. The fisheye has a small "smudge type" scratch on one side. It will show up in footage when the light hits it. There is also some minimal wear on the body of the camera from regular use. Also, I am currently unable to find my charger for my video light, so it is not included in the sale. If I find it I will throw it in there and let you know. In an effort to make sure this goes to a good home. I will keep this listing exclusive to skateperception for approximately one week. After that I will start looking elsewhere to sell. The asking price is $800.00
  2. ScottasonicDVX

    Motorcycle Thread 3.0

    Not sure if you guys would have seen this or not. Pretty intense ride. Also, I've got two new coils and spark cables in the mail for my Cb350. Hopefully I'll have her going next weekend.
  3. ScottasonicDVX

    Motorcycle Thread 3.0

    I tried to ride my bike over to my friend's house to work on it in his garage while he's rebuilding his CB550's engine. Despite my bike running at around 75% last weekend it started to loose power shortly after leaving my house, after which I couldn't get it over about 15mph. We did the math and the 40 minute ride was looking more like 2.5 hours at that rate. Luckily my roommate bought a little Ford Ranger a few days ago, so I'm going to throw it in the bed and haul it over there later today. EDIT: Hauled my bike over to my friend's house in my roommate's pick-up. Hopefully I'll have some spare time to source some parts and redo those carbs next sunday.
  4. ScottasonicDVX

    Motorcycle Thread 3.0

    I pulled my CB350 out of the garage since it hit the fifties today. Managed to get it to idle and ran it through the first few gears. It idled smooth but bogged down around 5-6k, also still had some throttle response issues. I'm going to rebuild the carbs next weekend and hopefully have everything ready for the start of the season. Today was encouraging.
  5. ScottasonicDVX

    Motorcycle Thread 3.0

    I made the decision today to stop being a little bitch boy and commit to getting my bike running by the start of the season. I'm an idiot for wasting all of the last riding season moping about how it didn't run instead of just manning up and making it happen. Once I figure out how much money I have to work with I'm going to get off my ass and fix my bike.
  6. ScottasonicDVX

    New Years Resolutions

    I've never made any new years resolutions before. Here goes. - Get internet at my new house so I can lurk SP again - Find a new job with better opportunities for growth (I'm a pastry chef) - Gracefully exit current position - Get back into the dating scene after the end of my five year relationship - Begin to learn French in preparation for my move to Scotland/France next year - Loose the last few pounds of my weight loss goal Seems doable.
  7. ScottasonicDVX

    The Cooking Thread.

    Anyone interested in a recipe for sweet potato cupcakes?
  8. ScottasonicDVX

    Black Friday Thread

    My point was that your goal in posting in here was to try and be funny, which isn't being accomplished by copy and pasting shit you find elsewhere on the internet. If the first Rebeca Black gif didn't get the job done, the next four probably won't either. End of discussion. Carry on posting gifs.
  9. ScottasonicDVX

    Black Friday Thread

    Yeah, I just didn't know if anyone had seen any really good deals advertised so far. I haven't seen any standout prices as of yet. Original ones occasionally are. Not that fucking guy trying to burn rubber on that girls clit that I have seen on these forums alone multiple times in the last few days.
  10. ScottasonicDVX

    Black Friday Thread

    In an effort to avoid another pointless thread of regurgitated gifs... I'm looking to pick up a nice sized (approx 50") lcd or plasma for my new house. Anyone know of any good deals coming up?
  11. ScottasonicDVX

    Mitt Romney

    Slight typo there, fixed 'er up for you.
  12. ScottasonicDVX

    The Cooking Thread.

    We should be friends.
  13. ScottasonicDVX

    The Cooking Thread.

    As a professional pastry chef I'll be keeping an eye on this...
  14. ScottasonicDVX

    A Little Sp Magic..

    Voted cause I love chocolate milk.