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  1. Not enough people skating here anymore, plus I'm in deep with college, but I was really happy making this since I never made a fullish video for him even though I really wanted to.
  2. shayne233

    More Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye Footage W/ Canon 6d

    What do we want!? No film burns! When do we want them!? Never!
  3. shayne233

    Hmc40 Settings Help

    The focus 'sweet spot' shouldn't be that mysterious. With most setups you can just set your focus to auto and aim it at something still from about the same distance as you would be from the skater and though the focus might fluctuate between 2-3 focusing positions, that should be close enough. And if you really want to get meticulous, you can hook your camera up to an HD monitor/TV via HDMI and pixel peep to see what focus distance works the best.
  4. shayne233

    Hmc40 Settings Help

    Set your focus to Manual Focus and manually adjust it to see if being out of focus was the issue. Or you may just have a shitty fisheye lens.
  5. shayne233

    The Filming Netjiot

    I watched 3 seconds of it and realized it was exactly the video I was looking for. I love you with all my heart.
  6. shayne233

    The Filming Netjiot

    Ill be amazed and eternally grateful if someone can help me find this Youtube video. It was like a day-in-the-life or something like a day-in-the-life of this filmer and it was just raw clips of him in different places and he had an HVX and the rest is fuzzy but I remember clearly that there was a clip where he was in a car and they were riding to a film someone at a spot and he says "oh look its some of those ofwgkta kids" or something along those lines but he pronounced ofwgkta as a word like off-woo-gek-taa or something like that. Many blessings to the resourceful sp members who may lead me to this video.
  7. shayne233

    Vx1 Or Vx2 Situation

    Sell the VX2k for parts and get a VX1k
  8. shayne233

    Thoughts On Panasonic Ag-hmc40?

    I've always been tempted to get one. They have a nice crisp image, all of the controls you could want, nice looking 720p/60p, and so on. It also fits a nice niche as far as price goes. If you get one, definitely try and snag an FC-E9 fisheye for it. Nothing else compares to it.
  9. shayne233

    Should I Install Magic Lantern Into My Canon 600d?

    Magic Lantern is so hassle free that you should at least try it and see if you like it because removing it is extremely simple.
  10. shayne233

    The D-slr Netjiot.

    At 0:27 you can see a shadow of the setup (at least the fisheye setup) and it looks like a HDSLR on a handle so im assuming its some full frame HDSLR; a probably a 5DMIII/6D with an 8-15mm. And VC stands for vibration control; it pretty much means the lens has optical image stabilization, while non-VC lenses do not have it. Non-VC lenses are usually cheaper because of this. Canon lenses with this are labeled IS (image stabilization) and Nikon lenses have VR (vibration reduction). All the same things.
  11. shayne233

    Os X Yosemite

    about to give it a shot on my newly built hackintosh
  12. shayne233

    Rock To Fakie

    Boring trick and the angle doesn't help. The ridiculously crappy looking ramp is the interesting part, but it could have been made the point of focus better with a different angle.
  13. I got a super mint VX2100 for sale. Its the kind of mint that shocks you a bit when you first pick it up and look at it. It functions perfectly, and only has a few minor marks around the body. Ill post some detailed pictures to show what I mean. With it you'll get a NP-F570 battery, the original Sony charger, and the users manual. I'd like $450 shipped (I have it up on eBay for $500 shipped).
  14. shayne233

    D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    ^ It wont focus to infinity, which is they the glass is used in other adapters. There's really no nice way of adapting FD lenses to EF mount cameras, and you're much better off looking at lenses of other mounts. I know there are some pretty favorable old Nikon zoom lenses similar to that FD lens you were looking at.