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  1. notjackson

    Wtb: Dvx Mk2 Fisheye

    So I scratched up my Mk2 pretty bad and I'm looking to pick up another one in good condition, or the just the front element if possible. No optekas. Let me know what you got, thanks!
  2. notjackson

    Upgrading(?) To A Gh2

    The Gh2 is one of the best dslrs in my opinion, especially for cinematic stuff it looks great on larger screens where canons fall short. The film Upstream Color was entirely gh2 and looked great in theaters. I recently upgraded to a gh3 but imo the footage doesn't look as crisp as a hacked gh2 (excluding the rolling shutter). Although there are many benefits like a solid body and and wayyy better workflow. It's nice to deal with clips that aren't wrapped up in avchd like the gh2. As far as fisheyes go definitely peleng + speedbooster imo
  3. notjackson

    The Filming Netjiot

    Does anybody have a good example of hvx/px 16:9 fisheye footage?
  4. notjackson


    Dude that was pretty unique
  5. How much are you looking to get for the HVX with the cards and batts?
  6. notjackson

    Best Dslr? Dslr Vs Hd Camcorder

    Anybody have some good gh2/3/4 speedbooster footage?
  7. I have the nikon version. I decided to wait til I got to new york to get the manybrand so i could just pick it up from b & h... but when I got there I couldn't help but try out the Tokina 11-16 with the speed booster. Here's something I shot last night: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5hl5nbdcs35hawv/lens%20test.mp4?dl=0 Think I might exchange for the manybrand but i do like the way it looks...
  8. Stoked to see the outcome of this combo, I didn't think anyone tried it and I was always curious. Right now I'm waiting on a manybrand to throw on my metabones for my gh3, I'll post some footage when it comes in
  9. notjackson

    Wtb Vx1000 Mk1

    Looking to buy a 1k preferably w/ a mk1 in good working condition. Hmu!
  10. notjackson

    Fisheye For Gh3

    Perfect, thanks!
  11. notjackson

    Fisheye For Gh3

    bump. anyone tried this?
  12. notjackson

    Fisheye For Gh3

    If I got the Nikon mount Rokinon and threw it on my speedbooster, would it be wider than just getting the m43 mount? Would there be vignetting?
  13. notjackson

    Yuno- Sunlight

    Shot a music video for Yuno a couple years ago that finally got released: http://vimeo.com/71311251 Shot on a t2i w/ Tamron 17-50 VC
  14. notjackson

    Autumn Montage.

    Sweet. Enjoyed it a ton, I agree on the b-roll. The jump cut at 2:10 was a little strange though
  15. notjackson

    Wtb 5d Mk Ii

    I'm looking for a 5d mk II body in good condition to buy asap, anyone down to sell?