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  1. Released my latest full length video a few weeks ago. Filmed throughout Florida and surrounding areas over the past 2 years. DVDs are available for $10 at https://culturepatternvideo.bigcartel.com/ Check it out!
  2. Teaser for a new full length I've been working on over the last year. Stay tuned for release details!
  3. Connor Askew's part from Collective Behavior. Check it out! DVD's available for $6 @ http://collectivebehaviorvideo.bigcartel.com
  4. RyanLodzinski

    I Don't Mind

    A few recent clips mixed with some really old ones that never got used for anything. I recently started filming HD and wanted to put some of this out so it wouldn't go to waste. Check it!
  5. Drew Fall and David Kahn's part from Collective Behavior. DVD copies of the video are available for only $6 at collectivebehaviorvideo.bigcartel.com
  6. Hope you enjoy! DVD copies of the video available for only $8 at collectivebehaviorvideo.bigcartel.com
  7. My brother and I just released our full length film, "Collective Behavior." DVDs available for $10 @ http://collectivebehaviorvideo.bigcartel.com Help support and buy a copy! A video out of Orlando, Florida. Featuring: Caleb Hook, Connor Askew, Kenny Day, Ryan Lodzinski, Tyler Lodzinski, Garret Mantle, David Kahn, Drew Fall, Sean Smith, and many more!
  8. Caleb Hook's throwaway and unused footage from Collective Behavior, my full length video premiering this Saturday, June 6th.
  9. An independent full length skateboarding film by Ryan Lodzinski and Tyler Lodzinski out of Orlando, Florida.
  10. Featuring: Tyler Lodzinski, Dakota Hunt, and Deein Coats.
  11. Featuring: Caleb Hook, Kenny Day, Dexter Caruthers, Connor Askew, Tyler Lodzinski, Sean Smith, David Kahn, Ryan Lodzinski, Matt Moore, and Garret Mantle. Filmed by: Ryan Lodzinski & Tyler Lodzinski Edited by: Ryan Lodzinski
  12. RyanLodzinski

    Atlanta Montage 2013

    Took a trip to Atlanta for 4 days over Spring Break back in March. This is some of the throwaway footage that we got that won't be going towards our full length film, Collective Behavior. Filmed by: Ryan Lodzinski & Tyler Lodzinski Edited by: Ryan Lodzinski Featuring: Zach Gillespy, David Kahn, Tyler Lodzinski, Connor Askew, and Ryan Lodzinski.
  13. Vx1Mk1 Some park footage in Orlando and Tampa. Featuring Tyler Lodzinski and Sean Smith.