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  1. One of my favorite threads from the old SP was one that had a bunch of old videos of classic photographers, whether a few minute clip to a full documentary. I can't find the thread and most of the links are probz dead, so add to this & discuss. There are lots of others in these series by KQED, but this one is certainly an SP classic. *(this one's for you Tunebomb)* William Eggleston. Definitely an icon here on SP as much as anywhere else. There are other full length documentaries, but this one is more concise. Todd Hido - a good introduction to his style and work. Often imitated, never duplicated. So many more - this should get us started. More to come later.
  2. There was an old Instagram thread which is probably outdated with changes in usernames. Post up and I’ll make a new list of you and any other interesting/cool people to follow and stay inspired by. Me anthonyallison_ tats neatfeet Steve LaClair scmbgsteve ziggys91 koekeroe Danny_P danny.j.parker Mikon michaeldonahue Zendena austinangelophoto kid jsf0320 ianfilms iancanfilm fadedpastels thetheghost TonyZ tzhangdox Essay Magazine essayskatemag srod 123sander456 JSantiago justinrsantiago rad sometimeperhaps Zane z.a.ne nstripphoto nstripphoto sos sos314 shakezoola andrewkodama tunebomb salmonskate Jake J yake_yohnson Hendrix B hendrix_brendon Curtis curtisrothney galwayj jpfphotos Jerskates jerskates Rgbling grafal CaseyShaw caseymshaw bosco battmosco accelsk8er11 d_naldjh kho789 kevin_horn Anomaly Mag anomaly_mag Deank _ibm5100
  3. Living in an apartment (or, honestly: anywhere near other human beings or natural disasters), you quickly learn that you can't trust anyone to be responsible and not burn the whole place down. When my apartment flooded from the unit above's washing machine breaking and leaking for hours down through the roof, I realized it was time to ensure that my digital files were backed up safely and securely off-site. There are a lot of options available for cloud backup, and at this point in the technology timeline, I'm not going to bother explaining any further about why it's important. Either you want it, or you don't realize you need off site storage yet. For me, it was a big undertaking - nearly 2TB of existing raw files, footage, and more were going to have to be uploaded, and I wanted to be sure to choose the best service to scale up with me over time. I also wanted accessibility to my files so that I could grab what I needed, when I needed, from any device. These services are generally referred to as cloud sync/share services and involve folder-based storage, not a complete hard drive mirroring. The benefit is that files are fully accessible and shareable. Using the mobile apps, I'm able to grab a photo to post on Instagram anywhere, peruse old photos when I think about a project, show old skate clips/footage when I'm telling someone about a gnarly time we got kicked out, and share pictures with my family over text when they complain "you never send me the photos you take!" I no longer have to be tied to my computer to go through things. They are a bit more expensive than traditional mirroring options, but I enjoy having the features. With that said, here are the top UI based Cloud sync solutions Dropbox - they are one of the first names in cloud storage, but they've unquestionably shifted focus to enterprise accounts. Individual accounts are $100 per years, limited to 1TB of storage which isn't enough for anyone at this point. You'll need their business plans, which are currently $12.50 per month for 2TB of storage and $20 a month for unlimited (both paid upfront for the year). The 2TB option is out of the question for most of us at this as well, and if you're not there, you'll eventually scale up. This means that Dropbox for working photographers is $240 per year - quite on the expensive side. Google Drive - 100 GB for $1.99 per month, 1 TB for $9.99 per month, and 10 TB for $99.99 per month. This is getting expensive quickly, and already puts 1 TB users at about $120 per year (Or $100 if paid for a year upfront). Their unique proposition for us photographers and filmers is "unlimited free storage for 16mp photos and 1080p videos." Google will compress and resize accordingly, and those wont count towards your data count. Cool! But I don’t want compression, I want my files backed up. I think it defeats the purpose of backups if they compress and resize, but for photographers who are okay with this, they can save a bunch of money. Additionally, the first 15GBs are free, so if you are willing to use their compression or already shoot below those rates, you could get free to cheap storage. Microsoft OneDrive - I won't bother with their 50GB and under plans, but they are offering 1TB of storage for $69.99 per year AND it comes with Office 365 for one PC/mac. Not bad at all, but when you check out their top personal plan, you get 5TB of storage plus 5 instances of Office 365 for just $99.99 a year. This wasn't available last year when I was researching, but this is a very enticing offer if you keep below 5TBs. Where things fall apart is if you're above that 5TB cap, the business plans get ridiculous. Not going to bother there. The problem with this is though I'm not near 5TB yet, I'm shooting 4k, 42mp photos, and raw film scans as I shoot weddings, events, and more. If I need to scale up, I'm not going to be served well when their unlimited storage plan requires a minimum of 5 users. In other words, the 5TB deal might be great now, but I'm not willing to pay hundreds to go above it, nor am I willing to have to go back and reupload everything to a different service. Amazon Cloud Drive - This is what I use and will probably continue using. There's a couple different features at play here, though, so read on. If you are an Amazon Prime member (AKA - the Seattle Tax for us who live here and are Prime members), you already get access to Prime Photos. Prime Photos is free, unlimited photo storage that's not just for compressed JPEGs. Raw file formats, TIFFs, etc count as photos which is amazing. They leave the originals alone. With prime photos, you get 5 free GB for other stuff like video. 100GBs of additional storage for is just $11.99 per year, and again, photos don't count towards that limit. Since I, and most others, have lots more video footage than that, I'm in their 1TB plan, which is only $59.99 per year. It's $59.99 per additional TB per year, which is very manageable because my photos don't count towards the limit. Now, it's important to account that Prime is $99 per year, so unlimited photo storage and 1TB of video totals $160 - unless you're a student and get prime for $49 per year which I do. However, I already pay for prime because I want it. GETTING THE FILES UP Each of these has their own manual syncing app, which works ok. If you've identified a provider you like, check out their app. Chances are it works well, but you'll need to manually select folders and files. What I opted to do, however, since I had so many files to upload, was use a program called odrive. This is a program that you install, select your parent folders, and let it upload automatically. It will sync any changes and updates as it runs in the background. This meant that I could leave my computer on 24/7 during the upload process and be fully hands-off with not having to deal with potentially buggy apps and drag and drop web interfaces that are guaranteed to be a headache with large uploads. Odrive is free for 7 days, and if you have fast internet, you might be able to get everything uploaded in that time. Odrive will work with any of the services listed. I opted to pay for the full year which WAS $60 but is now $99, because my internet wasn't as fast as the 7 day trial and I liked the service. I will likely repurchase because I do like that I don't have to manage anything - any time I import new photos, it starts uploading. COMPREHENSIVE BACKUP SOLUTIONS There are also backup solutions that don't have interface and mobile app accessibility. If you simply want a complete mirror of your data, and don't need the sharing advantages that Cloud sync platforms offer, check these out. Backblaze - Unlimited storage for $50 per year with an automatic backup tool built in, for all your hard drives. That means you don't need oDrive, and can save major cash over a Cloud Sync service - the only caveat being the accessibility to files. This is more designed for a full clone of your hard drive and every piece of OS and app data. They can even mail you a USB or External Hard Drive of your files if you ever need to restore your data. Carbonite and iDrive are competitors, but they honestly don't come close to what Backblaze offers for the price so I won't go into detail there. GETTING ARCHIVAL Amazon S3 is an archiving service where you're truly hands-off with your files, but the storage is extremely cheap in large quantities and offers "99.999999999% durability" through their worldwide data centers. You choose what data center region you want to store (pricing varies slightly), upload your files, and leave them heck alone. Storage is billed at $0.023 per month per GB for frequent access, and cheapens if you don't access, going down to $0.004 per GB per month on Glacier (very infrequent access). This means that storage needs of 1.75 TB can be $7 per month for fully durable archiving. They do, however, charge for accessing the files based on necessary time for request (expedited 1-5 min to standard 3-5 hours), and data amount (which is still about $0.01 per GB), but the idea is that once your data is there, it's archived in basically perpetuity. It gets a bit complicated since it's designed for enterprises, but it's certainly a very cheap option if you have shitloads of data across a network or something. For us with a computer and a few drives, the other solutions are much better and user friendly. FINAL THOUGHTS For me, I love the Cloud Sync services. I have my music, documents, saved project files, photos, videos and other important stuff on the cloud and can access whenever, wherever. If my house and external drives were to burn, I would be stuck redownloading all those files, however – so a comprehensive cloud backup that will not only mirror your drive's programs and OS, but send you an external disk is a great thing to have in tandem. Whatever you do, back your data up. If not in the cloud, at least have an external HDD stored somewhere off site that you update at least every couple weeks. A friend lost half an entire skate video because he didn't back anything up, and that's just sad.
  4. My 98 Tacoma is now 20 and going strong at 281k. Considering replacing with a newer one or 4runner.
  5. The landscape of SP has shifted, and during the check-in thread, I noticed a lot of members don't film skate stuff any more. Filming assignments are definitely cool, but if someone were to devote time to managing the process and filmers were to spend time working on something, it's best to make sure there's actual interest. I'd love for all members who have filmed skate stuff to participate in this poll so we can genuinely get an accurate representation of the SP landscape and filming assignments.
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    that second one is great. definitely giving me a bit of a robert frank vibe.
  7. AnthonyAllison

    what's up with your website?

    how did i miss this... great, simple website. i would only ask that instead of opening a lightbox, that when you click the images, it advances to the next photo. this is because having to click a small text "next" button is imprecise. otherwise i just want more photos and galleries because your photos are awesome.
  8. AnthonyAllison

    what's up with your website?

    dude, sweet. this one got me stoked - i used to love looking at everyone's site back in the day. i love the collages and how the background changes in certain galleries. only thing that stands out to me as something i'd change is that all the galleries are vertical-scroll oriented, while the "drifting" one is a click to advance slideshow that breaks the cohesion. also the a/miss gallery is very short compared the others, although i absolutely love the photos and concept you're going for.
  9. AnthonyAllison

    Copyright music on skate video DVD

    any commercial use, distribution, or broadcast of an unlicensed track is considered infringement. dvds can fall under any of those three.
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    Random Photo Discussion

    me2 but with a mamiya 6
  11. AnthonyAllison

    The Flat Earth Video

    quoted for truth. and I generally love or can at least appreciate things that are way out there, however this production was ridiculous and unbearable.
  12. AnthonyAllison

    In Depth: Cloud Storage for Photographers and Filmers

    I would double check your Google settings, I believe you can turn compression on or off - but that might effect how much you pay and can store. As for personal cloud, this was the first solution I looked at. However, because it’s an on-prem solution (you’re basically running a home server), it didn’t satisfy the need for an off-site backup. If some major act were to happen to your place, you would still be out of luck in the same way.
  13. Here's something I just found out that will be of immense value to many editors. Using Adobe Audition, you can automatically have it stretch your song at just the right spots in order to have it fit whatever duration your looking for. I know for me personally, I would always have to go in and re-edit songs at just the right point in order for it to seamlessly transition and, in turn, lengthen the song for the skater's part. Without further ado, I'll let this dude take it over (I skipped to the actual content for your convenience): I've tested this out over the last hour, throwing all sorts of different genres at it. It's honestly surprising how well it does across the board. Enjoy.
  14. AnthonyAllison

    what's up with your website?

    Theres a few things that stand out to me on your website 1. ditch the watermark. seriously. this only detracts from otherwise powerful images of the firefighters, and the lack of consistency in watermarks doesn't create a unified, cohesive brand identity. 2. do you pay for smugmug? if so, I would take my money somewhere else, because their overbearing logos are no good. every website these days offers unlimited hosting 3. continuing in that sense, the combination of the smugmug layout with watermarks makes it seem like you are in the business of selling stock images, which I don't think is the intent 4. curate and define clear goals for your site. there are some galleries with a lot of images, and some with only two. then there is the booking section... these all compete. if you want to generate leads from your site, put these things together and focus on concise galleries that emphasize a call to action to book.
  15. AnthonyAllison

    what's up with your website?

    In the time SP has been gone, I went from a site that I coded myself, to a squarespace general "portfolio" looking one (the kind every photographer uses with the sidebar and click to advance slideshow), to this: http://www.anthonyallison.net/ My goal was to modernize the portfolio experience and start off with a big, bold first impression where the features get the heck out of the way and showcase the photos. I also wanted to implement a video background that drew visual focus to the skate video I made. I am also very over the idea of click to advance portfolios being the basis of a website for a number of reasons, namely these few 1- its often slow and clumsy. things like crossfade transitions kill attention, and requiring the user to interact 10-25 times (click or use keyboard arrow) per gallery results in less website engagement as a whole. side-scrolling helps a bit, but then you run into issues with mobile UI. 2- the majority of traffic is from and on mobile, and if you haven't optimized for mobile UX, then you're losing that engagement. 3- slideshows perform terribly on mobile, often having to load a lot of render blocking scripts with photos that aren't optimized for mobile screens (these should be lower image res or quality). also, the click to advance ruins the mobile experience where attention span is even more at a premium. breaking the slideshow at a certain media width helps, most sites don't do this natively. As far as my site update, I'm looking at some data, mouseflow recordings, and other stuff to learn about how users interact and spend time - so far there has been a much larger improvement in time on page, galleries viewed, and amount of times reaching the end of a gallery. the feedback has been good as well. There are still a few areas to tweak and improve though. Now if I could just find time to create cohesive portfolios out of thousands of images, that would be great. That part is entirely tedious.
  16. AnthonyAllison

    Random Photo Discussion

    I've considered doing the same, but going to the Nikon d850. Then I just decided to keep it as-is and shoot more film instead. As for why - it's not durable, and it's not weather sealed. Two things I like to have when skating and hiking, respectively. But I can put up with it because of the results I get when I sit down and edit.
  17. AnthonyAllison

    Digital Cine Stuff

    Sony boyz. I've got the a7rii and i'm generally happy with it. Generally. For me, this camera was the full package, which is what I like about it. 4k video, s-log footage, good autofocus, amazing lowlight and dynamic range, and great stills. The amazing latitude of the means that when I'm shooting darker weddings, I can pull an insane amount of detail from the shadows, effectively bumping the EV up multiple stops without any noise in most cases. Most native glass is zeiss as well, but I can also adapt almost any lens since it's mirrorless. I also like that it's very compact and lightweight, so that when I travel or backpack it's not a burden. I should mention that I came at this as a primarily still shooter who does some video in what's usually run and gun situations (protests, narrative vlogs, skate stuff,). Drawbacks are the battery life. It's terrible. BUT, running an external power bank over USB is great and solves it. The next biggest thing is that it's not weather sealed, and in no way feels durable. It's like they did the bare minimum to house the electronics and nothing more. I am also not a fan of most native lenses not having focusing scales (they are electronically coupled and the focus ring doesn't do anything physically). At night, this is a pain when I'm trying to do nighttime landscapes and just want to focus to infinity. Accessories are the battery grip or some sort of power bank - no question about it. I would 100% use this for a skate project and I plan to this summer. The small package means I can carry lighter weights and the specs achieve much better results than I ever could with what Canon offered in their HDSLR bodies.
  18. AnthonyAllison

    Trips coming up?

    I’m in Seattle hit me up if you’re around!
  19. AnthonyAllison

    Filming Assignment Research Poll - All SP Members Needed

    I agree, I loved the section as well. Looks like the data is starting to suggest that there are a lot of new users (this that have not participated) who would be interested (actively filming and definitely in), which is a great sign.
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    In Depth: Cloud Storage for Photographers and Filmers

    Be very careful with that offering from web hosts. I’ve tried to simply host a single video there and they took down my account for exceeding unlimited storage/bandwidth. I said: “but this is an unlimited plan!” and their rep got back saying there is a clause stating unlimited within reasonable use. This same clause takes place in other hosts, like iPage, Netfirms, Dreamhost, and other hosts. In order to get a truly unlimited package, they require you to get a VPC or something which is often very expensive and has neither the ingrained backup features of something like Backblaze, nor the easy to use interface of the cloud sync platforms.
  21. AnthonyAllison

    2018 Resolutions Thread

    My photo goals for me this year are to 1- post more and share my work via social media, blogs, etc. I've fallen off this very badly in past years goal is to share/post something daily, which shouldn't be hard at all considering I spent a full month last year uploading everything I've shot to cloud storage so I can 1) access anywhere (especially from my phone when it's time to post) and 2) have safe offsite backup. 2- revisit old photos and create cohesive bodies for either web gallery, book, or both. there's a lot of different subject matter i've been shooting for years and never done much with. goal is two new galleries with a theme, and stretch goal is that plus one book or local gallery showing. 3- shoot at least 3 weddings and build/market a portfolio. ultimate goal from that is to generate at least 15% of my total 2018 income from my own photo stuff, ideally more.
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    Last month(s)

    amazing photos and feedback. that’s why i missed this community.
  23. AnthonyAllison

    switch crook & 180 nosegrind

    I'm loving the colors on the first. I think you did well in getting the most from such a unique spot. the second is interesting and has a lot of potential, but there are a couple of different compositions fighting with each other here. the first is the simplicity and geometric interest that the marble ground presents. it could make a very nice composition on its own, but when the trees/homies/etc and the railing of the bridge are added, it takes from that. it also looks like a ton of dodging and burning were added in post to counteract it, but I think the real solution here is to zoom in more so that the main plaza encompasses the photo and work with the geometry.
  24. AnthonyAllison

    5050 and Backside Nosegrind

    the light on the second one is great, but the whole right half of the frame isn't adding anything to the composition. take advantage of the wide fisheye and move to the right and push in closer. since I see that it's at a harbor, it might also be warrant checking out some different compositions with a standard lens to include some of that in the photo.
  25. AnthonyAllison

    2017 Recap

    dude - that was RAD. the timelapses were absolutely beautiful and so were the transitions. It was short enough to keep full attention (always the battle these days), but long enough to have some great shots and impact. make more!