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  1. mitchwats

    Going Nowhere

    its 720x480 vs 640x480.
  2. didn't feel like doing too much editing. so I threw all the clips together to a song I really like.
  3. mitchwats

    Ramp 48 - Canon 6d On 480p

    audio sounds good for a dslr
  4. mitchwats

    Vx1000, Vx2000/2100 Or A Dvx100b?

    2100 and 1000.
  5. mitchwats


    diggin it. 1:30 tripped me the fuck out.
  6. mitchwats


    im diggin it, that warehouse spot looks so cool
  7. mitchwats

    Japanese Vx1000 Export/compression Settings?

    it looks pretty good, despite some of the clips being underexposed. Mess with teh colors in post if you want a different look.
  8. mitchwats

    Wtb Vx1000 Side Panel

    long shot. never know unless you ask.
  9. mitchwats

    Looking Through Viewfinder When Filming Fisheye

    totally depends. stairs + handrails i find its easier to look through the camera, unless you have to sit at an awkward angle.
  10. so, the little ring on the front of the camera that the hand strap goes through broke off a while ago, and I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else, and what you came up with for an alternative. its not that big of a deal, its just kind of annoying when filming LL to have to hold the camera without the strap. I lost the piece that broke off by the way, so i cant glue it back on or anything...In the meantime ill be lurking around for a new side panel for the camera. I like my vx to look pretty, so i can mount it on my mantle piece 20 years from now .
  11. mitchwats


    not sure what to tell you man. Don't let people who you don't 100% trust to handle your cam. especially the 1000, as they're fragile as butt. Its essentially always the filmer's fault, unless he intentionally broke the thing. edit: im sorry for your loss, they go for real cheap nowadays, though!
  12. mitchwats

    What Fisheye Do I Need?

    I'd recommend saving for a mini dv camcorder instead of buying a fisheye for the trv350. Look for a panasonic 3ccd mini dv camcorder, something like a gs320 or gs300. If you are set on buying a fisheye for your current cam, then look at opteka baby death lenses, or if you want something a little cheaper look at the opteka/kenko .43x. This is a good lens to get the hang of the fisheye effect, although it may not be the highest quality glass.
  13. mitchwats

    Throwback Montage

    thoroughly enjoyed. Good vibes all the way through. Only critique i have is that a few fisheye clips were slightly shaky, but it doesn't really take away from anything.
  14. mitchwats

    Pnw Edit

    I really liked it for the most part. The fisheye filming could have been better, but like you said the filmer is new to it, and the ramp slowmos were really choppy. EIther start ramping in after effects, or stop ramping footage that was filmed in 24p. edit: the skating was dope, though.