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  1. Wtb: Sd Setup...vx Or Dvx

    It looks like any 0.4x opteka
  2. Firewire?

    You need a USB cable.
  3. I have one available, perfect for skateboarding.
  4. leave the sunshade in the lens cap, so you're putting both on at the same time onto the lens when not in use.
  5. Trv900 Capture Problem

    Probably a loose connection on the firewire, either on the camera or on your computer. Sometimes if the connection fails you might need to restart the computer as it'll continue to fail until a reset. Best option is to get a capture camera for capturing and use the main camera strictly for filming.
  6. Searching For Mk1 For Vx1!

    $500, that'll just cover the shipping.
  7. Vx1000 For Parts

    Clear your inbox
  8. Night Time Hvx200 Scene File

    no matter what scene file you use hvx will still look like shit at night unless you have a decent light.
  9. Capturing On A Pv Gs320 Through Usb To Firewire?

    It's straight up USB capture through PV-GS models. I have 320, 400 and 500 models. They all work. I am not making a video. It's pretty self explanatory. Hook up camera through USB, see it detect, run windows movie maker, see the camera in the options to capture, play the footage, capture the footage.
  10. Capturing On A Pv Gs320 Through Usb To Firewire?

    you CAN capture DV via USB only with the PV-GS camera models. That's how I capture on my PC. No need for firewire.
  11. Wtb - Opteka Fisheye

    Looking to buy an Opteka Fisheye. Scratch free. 52mm, 58mm or 72mm. Let me know what you have. Thanks