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  1. what's up with your website?

    I hella appreciate the feedback! The photographs are laid out differently according to series because the presentation is linked to the /content. In the "date stamped" set, the energy of the photographs is more of like looking through memories, where they're all sort of collaged together in this non-linear, almost mesy way. The "Drifting" series reflects a much more intentional mindset in which i want the viewer to look at each photo on their own without any distractions. the photos in that series are all linked and the sequence matters but i still want the viewer to only be focusing on one photo at a time.
  2. what's up with your website?

    finally got my site together! feedback appreciated http://andrewkodama.com/
  3. Random Photo Discussion

    anyone on here use the date stamp feature on their photos?
  4. what's up with your website?

    anthony your site is really rad, I love the first series. The home page is a lil busy but I think it mostly works, the site feels cohesive. also, dannyp, I almost always disagree with having the navigation tools over the photos themselves, I feel like its distracting and easily avoidable
  5. Random Photo Discussion

    this is what you're looking for
  6. what's up with your website?

    I'm in the process of completely updating my website, despite how tedious it can be, I'm actually having a lot of fun with going through photos/work I want to organize/show. right now it's just a blank title page with an info tab with links to my social media and a weirdly formatted 'list of photography shit i've done. hoping to get the thing up by middle of feb though If you have one, post your site up here and share advice!! Would love to hear about how you all put together work, as presentation is an often under looked part of photography and something that can drastically impact the experience someone has when looking at your photos. Also post any cool photographer websites with designs/photos/projects/whatever you're into. http://www.martinkollar.com/ - this dude is super rad. I think his site layout is super clean http://www.edpanar.com/ - a site where the way you navigate it is fitting with the content
  7. Trips coming up?

    word!! anyone coming through the bay area hit me up, I'm living in berkeley/north oakland
  8. Trips coming up?

    i want to do a road trip this spring, thinking of driving up to the pacific northwest, any SP homies up there?
  9. The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    i update this with scans of film photos more than anything else these days. also been doing some music stuff i post occasionally https://www.instagram.com/andrewkodama
  10. Random Photo Discussion

    stoked to see this back. My internet home
  11. Random Photo Discussion

    Anyone have any 120 400vc lying around I could buy from them?
  12. Random Photo Discussion

    let's see a pic i'd also like to see a diagram of your lighting set up too, (where you place your flashes, etc)
  13. Random Photo Discussion

    Ah man , this is a huge bummer
  14. Random Photo Discussion

    i feel like we have gone back in time
  15. Random Photo Discussion

    where is 400nc