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  1. bump.. finally got the file to save and work on my computer but quality looks a little hazy when paused.. kind of like a motion blur, ugh sorry to be a pain but can anyone help me out
  2. Vx2k-FCPx10.3.1-RoxioToast16 Hey guys, I’ve been battling this issue for a bit. My project has been complete for weeks and I can’t seem to burn a DVD/master without terrible horizontal lines in it. When i try to save a master file or DVD the lines appear through the video and then when i change to other formats the lines disappear but has severe quality loss. The video is only decently viewable on my computer when it’s codec is saved in ProRes4444xq and for some reason Toast16 will not let me burn that to a DVD. It crashes toward the end of the process with an error message. I tried going back through and selecting all of the footage and deinterlacing but same luck when trying to burn it to a disk image. Please if anybody could help me figure this out I’d be forever indebted. I’m having a Premiere for this in a week and would prefer a hardcopy than just hooking up my laptop to a projector! Here’s a photo of some of the lines I’m talking about sorry for the phone quality.
  3. if by a day you mean like 15 days then yeah sure 1 day.. but if anyones got a babydeath lens, pm me
  4. peteypabs

    Fs: 37mm Baby Death!

    if this dude backs out il buy it for 70 and send loot.. might have to be a money order too tho but thats no biggie.. pm me if intrested
  5. hit me up on yopeteypabsyo on aim and we can work out price or something
  6. peteypabs

    Fs: Trv900/babydeath

    hey i sent you a pm with my info.. just need your addy and other info and we can arrange a day to ship or whatever
  7. peteypabs

    Fs: Trv900/babydeath

    pm'd back.. prob going to snag this.. one more question though hows this look on the tv? colors and shit look amazing in the video but it was a bit small
  8. peteypabs

    Fs: Trv900/babydeath

    what about 600 like you said in your first post?
  9. peteypabs

    Wtb: 3ccd Video Camera

    pics/footy bumpppp and i said AROUND 500 so a little more could be arranged given the right camera
  10. peteypabs

    Fs: Trv900/babydeath

    lemme know whats good because im dead serious about getting this thing man
  11. peteypabs

    Fs: Trv900/babydeath

    would you be intrested in 500$ shipped for the camera batt fish and charger?
  12. peteypabs

    Wtb: 3ccd Video Camera

    and fyi i dont have paypal or the money right this moment but i will in about a week
  13. peteypabs

    Wtb: 3ccd Video Camera

    looking to spend around 500 bucks give or take.. not looking to get ripped off as i know most cameras and what i can get them used for.. if you can throw in a fisheye thats a plus aswell.. let me know on aim at= yopeteypabsyo thanks!
  14. peteypabs

    Wtb: Trv900 Or Hv20

    hey man not trying to steal your thread but if he wouldnt want that gs500 id most likely snag it if youd throw in a fisheye or something.. im getting some money from a car accident soon and im looking to get something 3ccd. hit me up if this dude aint into it. im- yopeteypabsyo