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  1. movinnorth

    I Ran From The Cops...

    I did a lot of research online and didnt find much thats why i turned to SP to have a conversation about my exact situation I cant really say the bag wasnt mine because i was holding it and then ran... but I think im not going to to call them and see what happens from there
  2. movinnorth

    I Ran From The Cops...

    From what I have read so far,(I think) they had probable cause to search my bag since I ran but if I'm going to say my bag was stolen and I found it again on my way out and they didn't tell me I was under arrest before I ran they just said "theres alcohol in this bag" after touching it without consent, and since they didn't breathalyze me I can dent that the alcohol was mine?
  3. movinnorth

    I Ran From The Cops...

    thank you for actually saying something these days people just say stuff like the previous comments but I would still like some more answers if anyone has been in this situation
  4. movinnorth

    I Ran From The Cops...

    I would still like to know if im going to get in trouble.... they told my mom to call or I would be in more trouble but im not buying it so im not going to call does anyone know or have been in a situation like this?
  5. I need advice heres exactly what happened i had alcohol in my bag i tried to hide it when a cop rolled up and i have been drinking the cop saw me try to hide tha bag and picked it up and said theres alcohol in this bag then i sprinted away and got away clean but... my name was in the bag i guess somehow and they were at my house and have the alcohol as evidence right now im at home and they told me to call by wednesday (told my mom) i never spoke to them they left before i got home the story i just told my mom: my bag got stolen then i found it on my way out and i didnt know what was in it so i ran .... i have tried to google laws but cant find any please help me!! im 17 and am at home right now and havent talked to the cops besides when he talked to me at the party and saw my face then me running and he knows where i live please reply thanks in advance
  6. This threads for footyshare he will post it soon
  7. movinnorth

    Xbox360 W/ 20 Gb Hard Drive

    Thanks for that link! but Im selling it locally I think and if that falls through its pending to someone on here
  8. movinnorth

    Xbox360 W/ 20 Gb Hard Drive

    Also have an all wireless mic I will throw in, I forgot about it
  9. movinnorth

    Xbox360 W/ 20 Gb Hard Drive

    It works just fine, I have had it for almost a year and just need some cash. Comes with a bunch of games Comes with TWO sets of video cables because one of them turns a greenish color every once in a while and you have to wiggle it. Also comes with all other cords and one for the internet/xbox live. Plus two wireless controllers. games: Modern Warfare 2 Assassins creed brotherhood Call of duty black ops Call of duty 4 Halo 3 Guitar hero 3 (with guitar) Tony hwaks proving ground maybe a few extras if I can find them.... All of this for $120 paypal only
  10. Frisko2727 will post shortly
  11. movinnorth

    How Do I Improve The Design Of My Sight?

    I hear Lasik eye surgery is 90% successful
  12. movinnorth

    Skateboarders And Weed

    Never smoked while skating but it seems hard haha I only smoke after skating if I'm hanging out with people and don't have anywhere I need to be or anything I need to do
  13. movinnorth

    20 Inch Monitor

    I don't really want to but it depends what it is
  14. movinnorth

    Junk Finds & Crooked Grinds

    I really like the feeble but I am pretty sure I have seen a photo just like it on here a few months ago I am not sure if it was you who posted them though
  15. movinnorth

    20 Inch Monitor

    Last bump before I let this die because apparently no one wants this