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  1. jakemenne77

    Friend Zone Promo

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaONjN9nlpoTHog8P815jZg Seattle, WA
  2. Jesse just turned 17. Some one needs to hook him up. vx1000
  3. Friend section from OURNATURE OURNATURE premiered on October 8th http://ournatureskatevideo.bigcartel.com/
  4. Josh skating a couple rainy nights at the new ATS indoor park in seatlle
  5. this guy kills it. why isn't he getting more hookups?! www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x6DOoMwBq7A
  6. jakemenne77

    Jordan Sanchez At The Garage

    he deserves more coverage
  7. jakemenne77

    Lol Wut

    thanks man
  8. jakemenne77

    Lol Wut

    haven't posted anything in awhile. Thought I just throw something out there. so yeeeaaaaaah
  9. Been awhile since I have posted on here and everythings all changed around but ive been curious to what work lights seem to work best when filming with a vx1000 at night? how many watts do you need? brands?
  10. jakemenne77

    Zumiez Warehouse

    zumiez is gey
  11. jakemenne77

    Merlin Twisted

    why would they hate? it's a small ass pyramid gap naysh