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  1. MikeKazik

    Welcome Back Everybody.

    Always loved that No Comply, so simple and clean
  2. MikeKazik

    Jon Cos - Wallride/heelflip

    Jon's been killing lately and stoked to post more stuff we've shoot soon. Both photos were used for Dekline Footwear online ads. Jon Cos, Heelflip. ++++ Jon Cos, Ollie Wallride. ++++ -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram
  3. MikeKazik

    Bs Noseblunt & Pole Jam

    Thanks guys! Was really stoked on how that Noseblunt photo came out, almost impossible to get a bad photo with that trick. Definitely not shooting a sequence of a Kickflip Crook.. Not sure how it doesn't look like he locked it… Cause he did. Heres a perfect example Thanks mang! Whoop, stoked it's still up
  4. MikeKazik

    Bs Noseblunt & Pole Jam

    Havent post in a while, thought I'd upload some new stuff that just came out. Jon Cos, Backside Noseblunt. Used in his Kingshit Magazine interview. Taylor Johnston, Pole Jam. Used in SBC Magazine. Bonus Ben Paterson, Kickflip Crook. -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram
  5. MikeKazik

    Its Been A While

    Haven't posted up on here in a while. Heres some warm up photos from last couple weeks and newly published photo. Follow my instagram to see new photos and random stuff,@Michaelkazimierczuk Kirk Harriott - Back 5050. Byron Ready, Switch Ollie. Jon Cos, Over Crook. Used in the new SBC Magazine for a little interview I did with him. -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram
  6. MikeKazik

    Frontside 180 And Tailslide

    More random stuff from the summer that never made it anywhere. Frontside 180 Front Tail -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram
  7. MikeKazik

    Frontside Flip & Boardslide

    Thanks guys! -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram
  8. MikeKazik

    Frontside Flip & Boardslide

    Frontside Flip Boardslide -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram
  9. MikeKazik

    Stop Snowing Please

    This is rad! Jarrod shreds
  10. MikeKazik

    Back 180 One Foot

    Didn't crop, just stitched photos together. Didn't have a wide enough lens to get the windows all in the shot from upstairs. -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram
  11. MikeKazik

    Back 180 One Foot

    Tried something different last night, pretty stoked on the out come. You can also check out the little iPhone edit I made from the session Jason Gibson, Back 180 One Foot. -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram
  12. MikeKazik

    Backsmith & Nosepick

    Jon Cos, Backsmith. 2nd try warm up. Kevin Tio, Nosepick. -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram
  13. MikeKazik

    Josh Arnott - Alley Oop Backside Flip

    The timing I feel could of been a little earlier, just having his board slightly on a angle other then perfectly flat would help show the Backside Flip. Everything else looks solid though! -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram
  14. MikeKazik

    Tre Flip Double Set Hassy Fish

    Works fine, just ordered one. Stoked
  15. MikeKazik

    Tre Flip Double Set Hassy Fish

    Figure out shipping to Canada yet? As for the photo I find it a little bit to tight. Everything else about is solid though. -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram