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  1. Zane

    full circle.

    Thanks man, means alot. All three are with the Hexar and HP5. You have a good eye.
  2. Zane

    full circle.

    It all comes around.
  3. Zane

    we back

    These photos even make me sad that you sold your Hasselblad.
  4. Still just as obsessed with photography. I got some of my photos in Hamburger Eyes which is cool. And now I work full time as a camera repair technician. Send me some broken cameras.
  5. Zane

    Random Photo Discussion

    what’s cracking
  6. Zane

    Random Photo Discussion

    aye thanks tuney! means a lot man. and ya I'm not completely finished curating it, so I'll probably add a couple more and delete a few. That aquarium shot was one I wasn't completely sure on.
  7. Zane

    Random Photo Discussion

    finally made my own website zane-grant.com
  8. Zane

    Random Photo Discussion

    never even really knew him but this makes me super bummed. RIP chase.
  9. Zane

    Tour De Hasselblad Anyone?

    well if this back even still exists, I no longer own a hasselblad. I am going to have access to ones I can rent though. Who was the last person to ship the back?
  10. Zane

    Random Photo Discussion

    2016 will be about 7 years on SP for me... doesn't seem like it's been that long at all haha
  11. Zane

    Random Photo Discussion

    "film photo gear" on facebook.
  12. Zane

    Random Photo Discussion

    curious to know what developer your using. and what time do you develop it for? (if you're doing your own development)ddx was always my favorite for hp5, but my work just stopped carrying it. so I've been trying out id-11 but I'm not sure how I like it yet. only developed one roll.