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  1. http://www.stereosoundagency.com/galleries...49010/551392911
  2. matt808

    The Official Berrics Thread

    it's not farfetched to think that... but you simply claimed it as a known fact like you were there.
  3. matt808

    The Official Berrics Thread

    run by stereo, hence the dvx? what the fuck are you talking about. Im the stereo filmer and i don't film shit for the berrics nor would i be using a fucking dvxmk2. You ever think the berrics' vx1's are in a shop getting fixed.... love how people really think they know whats going on.
  4. just put up a cesar fernandez park edit over at stereo check it out!
  5. matt808

    The Official Berrics Thread

    leave it be man, this is a thread for discussion. don't get all worked up about shit. 99% of everyone on here after this past year or so are young, immature, and go forth with what the popular margin of what people follow and like. once you realize that fact you really won't give 2 shits about what is said. It's truly hilarious to see kids having full on e-arguments about subjects that won't even be discussed 2 months from now. It's pathetic guys... please for the love of god get out of your computer chair and take a fucking push around town.
  6. well all i can say is things are changin, but i promise i'll hold the true style of stereo for the video. time is a big constraint on a lot of things add that to deadlines frequently changing you gotta give something of what you got. with a whole year in front of me to travel with everyone and be a part of the actual team the whole stereo esque style will come out in the end.
  7. chime in and let me know what you thought i could of done better filming wise on these clips, keep in mind this is all HD and used with that monster lens. that thing makes filming skateboarding pretty fucking hard, but let me know what you think i could of done to change some of the way the shots looked. i didnt film the switch tre or switch bigspin. also as far as spots go and how hard they are to skate pretty much goes like this. -the first ollie is fucking ridiculous as its downhill and you have to gap passed a 6 inch wide gap after the black concrete. -second ollie over the rail has the most narrow roll up to it...hard as fuck to hit backside let alone frontside. -the bs noseblunt pool had like this crazy baby powder shit all over thatd make you slide all over the place. -bsflip on the bump has the worst ground to pop off of. -fs feeble pop out you need a wood piece to roll in on and the landing is gotta be the harshest ground ive come across at a cali spot in a long time. -the fs flip house gap... well obviously you have nowhere else to go except through the bushes. josy fuckin held it down out here and minus the sw biggy and sw tre all of that was filmed in 3 weeks son!
  8. http://theskateboardmag.com/blogs/matt-wil...cer-mag-minute/ Go check out ryan spencer's mag minute it's a fuckin good one.
  9. matt808

    Auby Taylor

    this spot is fucked. facts to add in.... 1. this is the biggest rail he's ever skated. biggest rail hes skated was a 10 2. first rail he's hit with a kink on it 3. he tore his sock in half on 2nd attempt then skated the other tries sockless. 8.14 update skatestache
  10. ^^ ahh yeah man no worries. really this actual edit relied more on ben's personal aspect of skating in general that the true aspect of what i wanted to capture with him for his ad. I did copy the whole j. hernandez timelapse style feel and made it seem more then quick then normal for an allotted time of only 30-35 seconds per commercial. I can assure you the video won't be a fast paced part by part feel.
  11. not too sure what exactly your saying as there wasn't any lines in it, but i used an hvx200 and every shot was shot by myself. The bslip he only landed once, the rest of the other angles are misses i just cut to fit with the land, ie: roll up and low view angle to show the height of the drop.
  12. Just put it up on stereo's site for all to check out. http://www.stereosoundagency.com/galleries/video/985049010/
  13. Wait for his commercial I'm putting out for him guys. It'll be up tomorrow before the kalis and lizard matches. He literally did one of the gnarliest tricks to have gone down in los angeles in awhile. It'll make sense if you guys know whatsup with nuge's thrasher interview, the one he had cover kickflipping over that rail into driveway. I suggest if you have that issue go look at nuge's double spread bs180 and just smile.
  14. matt808

    The Official Berrics Thread

    just wait homie, ive seen most of the games go down and can tell you that there are some fucking insanely intense games out there yet to be viewed. 30+ tricks a game just be patient guys. Congrats for josiah also that little bastard works hard as fuck man. The rules don't say you can't do double flips... even though I do gotta say doing 4 double flips back to back is pretty harsh barge on somebody, but yeah thats the game so be it.