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  1. Smartphone filming

    I love this piece by Brad Cromer. It has everything I'd expect from the iPhone video - captures great memories and random stuff.
  2. BMPCC?

    I'm pretty sure Ben Ericson was using one back in a day: Is he still here on SP?
  3. DSLR Long Lens

    Yeah I think so.
  4. DSLR Long Lens

    There is a catch - these lenses are usually hard to find and you have to find a lens with 2x extender, designed for 1/2" sensor, using B4 mount system. They usually work with smaller sensor size cameras like M4/3. Good luck if you decide to pull a trigger on one. I'd love to see the footage.
  5. DSLR Long Lens

    Sure, a big overstatement from my side but I had in mind that those lenses are too expensive for most skate filmers. Old ENG lenses are cheaper if you really need servo zoom:
  6. I'm surprised that there are still SD people in 2018. Logging tapes, servicing VX, overpriced fisheye options is not for me anymore. I believe there are many good HD options on the market today. I'm a mirrorless/DSLR camera guy myself and over the years I've found a good setup for me. Regarding good camcorder options I'd still go with interchangeable lens camera. JVC LS-300 seems to be a hidden gem, especially for skateboarding. It has great slow motion capabilities, 4K, zoom via sensor crop, accepts focal reducers which means you can get verrry wide with fisheye lenses etc.
  7. Post Your Drone Shit

    This is great @dvxgary! I was wondering if how can you enhance skate video with a drone but I don't think filming actual tricks would be a good idea. Maybe with some big gaps or sth. Drones are great for establishing shots though and I'm really looking into getting one this year.
  8. DSLR Long Lens

    Sadly there are no options for good servo-like zooming on mirrorless or DSLR cameras. From my experience: You can get a vintage constant aperture zoom lens. I bought RMC Tokina 28-85mm f/4 and it's ok for the price (I paid like 40$ for it) but it fucking heavy and there is no way you can film with it handheld without any support. Its weight actually helps getting more stable footage but I'd use it with sensor stabilised cameras (like A6500 or G85) but I only have Panasonic G7 so won't tell you how it would perform. Usually with such lenses, the image quality sucks compared to any modern lens. My Tokina flares easily and has that nasty ghosting at f/4. For mirrorless cameras only: get an old ENG lens. There are servo zooms out there and the price can be reasonable sometimes. The biggest drawback is that you need special cables to power servo zoom and the image quality is usually low as these were designed for 3CCD cameras. Also these lenses are bulky. Get a modern lens with IS, preferably somewhere in 24-105 range for crop sensor cameras. I know Mike Manzoori was using Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens in the past also I've seen a lot of good footage out there. Image stabilization is a must for such lenses. There are some cheaper alternatives out there f.ex. Tamron 17-50 mm f/2.8 but I have no experience with them. I'm not convinced about cropping 4K footage as it looks fake and zoom range is very limited. It's hard to get good zoom performance on photo cameras. Keep in mind that you won't be able to change focus with most lenses which means it would be hard to film in bad lighting conditions as you'd need to keep f number high. I recommend trying some options (start with a vintage lens maybe?) but better focus on other filming techniques. Seeing fisheye + zoom long lens is getting really boring these days.
  9. How To 4:3 Hd?

    Hey @TonyZ do you mind sharing some footy from Olympus with Meike 6.5? How wide is it in 16:9 compared to Speedbooster + Manybrand?
  10. General Camera Handles Thread

    I was hoping this thread won't become a WTS thread Anyway, do you actually film lines with the Ronin? Can you share some footy?
  11. Since Eazy Handle went out of the business, Opteka prolly too I was wondering what are you using these days? Personally my current setup is Panasonic G7 + SmallRig camera cage and a NATO handle. I was not satisfied with Eazy Handle's lack of portability as I had to constantly dismount my camera from it. It was a huge pain. Right now I have a cage on my camera all time and I just quickly remove the handle to pack it up. Ergonomically it's worse than EH as the balance is off but you can make that up with filming skill I suppose.
  12. We went to the Shelter in Berlin for one day. I feel like skating and especially filming could be a lot better but we were already tired when we came in as we were driving for 7 hours. I filmed almost all long lens clips, my friend filmed fisheye. Canon 550D, 600D, Panasonic HMC150 Samyang 8mm, Canon 50mm f/1.8, cheap russian 120mm lens, reverse mount macro ring, Zoom H1.
  13. Best Dslr? Dslr Vs Hd Camcorder

    For Micro 4/3 setups (GH series, BMPCC, AF100 etc.) I recommend getting a Speed Booster adapter. Your fisheye is no longer limited by the crop factor GH4+Speed Booster+Manybrand 8mm is wider than Canon setup.
  14. The Filming Netjiot

    HVX cannot record HD on tapes so they're pretty much useless.
  15. Beagle's Redirect

    I wasn't expecting much since he isn't a talented filmer (he put great videos tho) but actually I liked it. It was funny,