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  1. tylerboyo

    Shred For Shane 09

    feeling this dope tune sick filming and editing looked like a fun day
  2. tylerboyo

    Fs-nixon Watch "the Venture"

  3. tylerboyo

    Fs-nixon Watch "the Venture"

    got this watch for sale.... http://bgwatches.co.uk/images/nixon-venture-silver.jpg nixon the venture worn it out 3 times, and just dont like watches offers? im in uk but will ship internationaly via priority and supply tracking number uk will be special delivery pm or reply here and i can giv aim/msn to sort out safe
  4. tylerboyo

    Pal Nintendo Wii Plus Games

    hey peeps i have a barely used ninetnedo wii for sale. in the box, with all cables, controller etc. the extras i have are a classic controller, tiger woods 08, super paper mario and big brain academy. im in the uk so this is pal. please reply here or pm me and we can sort a deal out over aim or msn. safe
  5. tylerboyo

    So My Vx1 Bayo And Mk1 Is Fucked

    vap unit? whats that? cheers
  6. yeh it got hit clean off. mk1 hit the ground glass down, although its not too bad. lukcily the whole front of my cam didnt come off, just the black bayo mount.... heres a pic.... does any1 have any experience with this? i am going to email VE now with this pic. im not gonna glue it back on, heard its a bad idea. any1 know a guide price? also how can i replace the front element of the death? do i need to email centruy? cheers ill compress and upload th footy in a bit.
  7. tylerboyo

    New Era - Redbull And The Hundreds!

    HAHA no theyre worth at leat $80. do some research
  8. offers on these paypal only, unless your in uk reply here, pm or aim me (mongerofclay) got 1 of these in 7 1/2 and 1 in 7 1/4 - offers got 1 of these in size 7 1/2 and 7 1/4 too got 1 of these in size 7 1/2 and 7 1/4 too thanks
  9. tylerboyo

    10 Deep Hoody, Lrg Tees, Psp And More!

    ye man i can do 45.ill pm you now
  10. tylerboyo

    10 Deep Hoody, Lrg Tees, Psp And More!

    this is the tee.... http://www.bathingapee.com/images//temp/LRG-ST011l.JPG
  11. tylerboyo

    10 Deep Hoody, Lrg Tees, Psp And More!

    cant do it for 30. im from the uk so shippin will be $15 at least. these hoods are pretty heavy.
  12. Im back. Paypal for worldwide orders, UK people pm me if you dont use paypal. SP's most legit seller is back in business! Ebay silver powerseller and amazon pro seller sums up my legit-ness in 1, along with LOOOOADS of refs from SP too. PM me, or aim me on mongerofclay, or for my msn PM me. Got this 10 deep hood in size L - offers please! http://www.raininghollywood.com/images/CIMG4083b.jpg LRG tees - dead serious - offers everyone knows these tees, got them in red, black AND white. sizes L and XL LRG dead serious white hoody - offers http://i2.iofferphoto.com/img/item/221/596/26/o_092-LRG.jpg white psp - once again make offers. in the box, used like 3 times by my brother, selling it for him. http://s252.photobucket.com/albums/hh20/sw...ent=Photo30.jpg saffffe
  13. tylerboyo

    Mk 2 Bayo Lens For Vx2000

    ANOTHER bump for all vx2heads