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  1. lizardmaldokill

    You're A Loser

    skateperception's gotten to the point where if you're a mod you're an official loser hahahahahahhahha
  2. well, we were off and on and shit. we weren't dating but keeping the same dynamic. one night we had a talk about how we weren't going to get back together, i took it seriously, as i do with any conversation haha anyway for some reason we ended up having sex after that which made it pretty confusing. so the next night i went out to the bar and ended up hooking up with another girl. the next day i told her what happened and that's what happened.
  3. lizardmaldokill

    Looking For Freelance Work

    thanks yo!
  4. lizardmaldokill

    Looking For Freelance Work

    been illustrating and doing graphic design for years now, please check out some of my work https://www.instagram.com/bonegnar/
  5. lizardmaldokill

    Getting Into Drawing Tattoos

    honestly just bored as fuck trying to share my art, and yeah i think i just got lazy on the scroll text
  6. lizardmaldokill

    Tips On Fs Feeble?

  7. lizardmaldokill

    Trust - Bronze

    i honestly can't watch more than a couple minutes of their videos because it's just like one internet video cluster fuck. i feel like it's all the same, no clip is dramatically different in anyway. their video's are just mushed together and i can't help but get bored.
  8. lizardmaldokill

    New Balance- Vx 4000

    hahaha is this really filmed with a red camera? i honestly thought they filmed with a vx with some good export settings or some shit.
  9. lizardmaldokill

    New Hoodie

    i like the sweatshirt, only thing i'd have to criticize is that the "w" in "wax" has a little too much going on in the middle and it looks a little inconsistent pertaining to the rest of the type. maybe thin the strokes out in the middle of that "w"
  10. lizardmaldokill

    Give Me Your Money

    thanks dude, and make a brush in photoshop and mess around with each jitter level to make it look natural
  11. lizardmaldokill

    Give Me Your Money

    i sell prints and tee's
  12. lizardmaldokill

    Help With Sony Vx1000

    preform surgery, melt it with a lighter and replace with your least favorite plastic toy.
  13. lizardmaldokill

    Vx1mk1 Setup

    I've had a vx1mk1 sitting around for a couple months, not in the best condition. Just a case of bad heads. Sometimes the footy turns out some times not. Mk1 is in good condition, no scratches on the lens itself, just a few nicks on the external housing. gimme your offers fuck girls