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  1. milkytrv900

    Vx1000 Vs Trv900

    TRV900 + Baby death: (baby death same as Opteka 37mm) VX1000 + MKI: Same thing. The TRV is a good camcorder for the price, the VX is a bit better but you have to pay way more for the camera + fisheye.
  2. milkytrv900


    Nowadays, almost everybody has a flat LCD screen which generally is compatible with both PAL & NTSC. And i don't think this guy will connect his VX to an old tube TV anyway.
  3. milkytrv900


    True. And the black bars on the sides are also bigger. You won't have any problem with a PAL VX in the US. Unless you want to use a capture cam, you'll have to use a PAL camera too. And finally you'll need an american charger for the batteries or an adapter to plug into the wall.
  4. milkytrv900

    Vx1 Opteka

    Wow, the Opteka + 2 spacers looks better than i thought... Here's some footages with the 52mm + 1 spacer:
  5. DVX100A = Much better in low light condition.
  6. milkytrv900

    Vx1000 V.s. Dvx100p V.s. Vx2100

    VX2100 / MK1 Inter Awesome width and no vignetting!
  7. milkytrv900

    New Video-part I Made.

    Yeah i have a filmer board ^^ just the first time i filmed a part' with the HV. Sinon, le rail paraît pas comme ça mais il est ultra-gros!
  8. milkytrv900

    New Video-part I Made.

  9. milkytrv900

    Hv Series For Longlens?

    HV40: HV40: https://vimeo.com/39773157
  10. milkytrv900

    New Video-part I Made.

    Awww, yes i just saw that, it's blocked in the U.S so i uploaded it on Vimeo! https://vimeo.com/39773157
  11. milkytrv900

    New Video-part I Made.

    Hey everyone, i know this is the wrong section but when i post my videos in the Montage section nobody see them so i post my shit here and i'm sorry about that guys With my friend who is sponsored since one year now at our local shop we were working on his actual part' and i thought it was a good idea to show you my work so you can tell what you think about it! In the U.S this link doesn't work so here is a Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/39773157
  12. milkytrv900

    Canon Xa10 Vs. Panny Hmc150

    Canon XA10. I was supposed to get this cam but since i didn't have enough money i bought an HV40 and it's awesome too. The XA10 is definitely much more reliable than the HMC by the way and it's kinda smaller so you can put it in a bag easily and go outside with it. + the low light performance is really impressive!
  13. milkytrv900

    Best Lens For My Hv40?

    I bought a Century 43mm and it's awesome. Footy:
  14. milkytrv900

    Quick Question

    I had a TRV900 during a long period. I know the 37mm fish looks like a MK1 on a VX but the TRV950 itself is better, now you can find a Nikon FC-E9 for cheap or a spaced 37mm fish.
  15. milkytrv900

    Quick Question

    Your best bet: Sony TRV950. It's a mini VX2000 in fact.