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  1. laurens driessen


    Early stages of a project I started, displaying the volatility of life in cities.
  2. laurens driessen


    Second shot is amazing, love the tones. How do you find Portra 160 reacts to nighttime photography? How many stops do you overexpose in general?
  3. laurens driessen


    Love the tones in both photos. Great shots man
  4. laurens driessen

    Last Days Home.

    These really show why you'll miss this place, good job man
  5. laurens driessen


    straight version
  6. laurens driessen


    Thanks man, and haha yeah that was quite some time ago. Thanks mate! and ya i'll try that later today, don't think it will do the comp any good tough...
  7. laurens driessen


    Yeah? Because on my monitor it's fine, thanks for your critique.
  8. laurens driessen


  9. laurens driessen


  10. laurens driessen

    Sand Dunes, River.

    I would turn in the sand dunes - one, it's more 'unique than the other one.
  11. laurens driessen

    South Africa

    Sick man!
  12. laurens driessen

    Beginner Questions

    Prime lenses are fixed focal length lenses ( like your 50mm) So I would suggest to buy a 35mm or a 28mm or something since those are pretty cheap.
  13. laurens driessen

    Beginner Questions

    You'll get crazy vig, don't waste your money on those. Rather save up for a real fisheye or buy a cheaper nikon prime. Setting your aperture really high ( like f.10. or something)
  14. laurens driessen

    Norwalk Tourist

    Avoid using your on-camera flash
  15. laurens driessen

    South Africa

    No just JPEG Thanks everyone.