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  1. Scotfield


    exactly, why is soty so meaningful anyways? it's just a mag for christ sake
  2. Scotfield

    Aliens In The Pool

    there's nothing really to look at, except the aliens.
  3. Scotfield

    Tattoo Thread 2.0

    thats sick
  4. Scotfield

    Canonet Ql17

    really like the third and the bonus
  5. Scotfield


  6. Scotfield

    People In London...again

    i really like number two
  7. Scotfield

    Point And Shit

    for the first, the stickers are curious but there's really nothing to look at after reading them. second one is nice definitely captured emotion. i really liked number 3.
  8. Scotfield

    See No Evil

    there's something in the third that i like, but they are awkwardly framed .
  9. Scotfield


    it's a bit weird because of the timing.
  10. Scotfield

    Haven't Posted In A While

    i agree, i couldn't stop looking at it.
  11. i really like what you did in number two, i think the third is weird and unbalanced and you really don't know what to look at.
  12. Scotfield

    Netjiot V2

  13. Scotfield

    Recent Stylus

    i like the third.