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  1. Something Else

    VX1k - MK1 vignetting aligment

    I would always just realign the the shot digitally in post if it wasn't severe enough to mess with anything. Basically a tiny digital zoom and and pan the frame around to where it's even on the four corners.
  2. Day and night between the two. If you've never had a RWD car or tracked any car before I suggest you try a Miata first. So much easier, cheaper, and simpler.
  3. such awesome little cars. my friends have miata's, one friend just went from an NA to an MSM. Always working on them and have yet to own one. haha
  4. Drifting will ruin both your car and your life. If you're still 'learning' then getting a car to drift with is no good. Do you have friends who could at least help you when (not if, but WHEN) something goes wrong? Do you have the right tools to work on your car? And most of all, do you have the right knowledge about your car/potential car or are you just going to smack it with a hammer and curse till it's fixed? Will this car be your only mode of transportation and play the role as your DD? What happens if you're to possibly wrap around a pole, flip against a curb? Do you have money to buy another car or repair it (if possible)? Will you have a car that you can easily find a replacement shell if you do wreck it? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand so on... With that being said, drifting is fucking stupid. And very fun.
  5. They wont fit my Z4 perfectly.. sorry. Still have it but not sure if I want to let go of it.
  6. Something Else

    New Youtube Layout

    gay and retarded and other offensive things
  7. haha that's sick! We both rock the SOHC AND I just did Q45 swap too with cross drilled and slotted rotors too! Such a clean hatch, congrats!
  8. Oh and a picture of the 'aftermath.' (Front was messed up a bit too.) I really, REALLY lucked out. Need to get new seat belt tensioners, tires (worn from all the driving and the one above was really bad), and some stupid light by the rear view mirror inside the car fell off on the impact. So random. haha
  9. Yeah we just went really early in the morning, it was nice. (that's me too vvv) You ever go to GMR? We're planning on going there soon and from what I hear it's a lot funner but also crazier than Palomar. Oh and I'm actually 18... haha but yeah I have a Z4 and I'm also $11,000 give or take of debt left to pay off that thing. So over it. Reason behind buying it is a long story... but it is really fun and I get all sorts of looks when I'm driving it. lol I plan on just holding it on for a year or so more and just letting my dad take over the payments so he can have it since around that time his lease ends on his car. My other car/dd is a Nissan 240sx I care more about. (before when it had all stock suspension)
  10. Haha I was just at Palomar Mnt. a week or so ago. Crashed in my Z4 too, pretty cool. Only picture I have while driving, when we just started climbing. Not paying the bullshit $20 for it either so... Video too. (Friend had a go pro on the dash of his NA Miata.)
  11. Honestly, I'm always stoked to see your work. Never disappointing!
  12. BOOM. T3i, bag, batteries, and kit lens sold. Handle and 40mm still up for grabs.