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  1. robbiemaynard

    Short Vx1 Montage

    Yeah I know what you mean but often when people are skating stairs I prefer to keep the shot wider so you kind of get a better perspective of the size of the set.
  2. robbiemaynard

    Hvx200 Composition Settings In After Effects

    Thanks man this seems to have solved it. AE had it on D1/DV NTSC Widescreen (1.21) by default.
  3. I don't know if this has been answered before but I've been searching for a solution for hours and couldn't find anything. So basically from what I've gathered the raw HVX200 footage when shot at 720/60p is 960x720 but the pixel aspect ratio is 1.333. multiply 960 by 1.333 and you get 1280. That is fine when I'm working with just FCP because it recognises this and displays and exports it as 1280x720 but when I import a clip I have slow mo'd in AE into the timeline in FCP it displays it as 960x720 and so the footage ends up with black bars on either side. surely with the amount of people using this camera I'm not the only one to have this problem. thanks.
  4. robbiemaynard

    Vx1000 Main Board Problem

    Just turned it back on and it went back to normal, I have a feeling it will come back though.
  5. ok i just tried to have a closer look at my firewire problem. i put everything back together and now when i look through the viewfinder the light colors are green and darker colors are red i don't know how to attatch photos so i will link a youtube video of it. i just want to know what particular ribbon cable or connection is causing this, Thanks.
  6. robbiemaynard

    Vx1000 Firewire

    That connector is surface mounted to the main board and covered by a shield. If you do this kind of work for a living it's not too difficult but, without the right tools and soldering skills it's not something that can reasonably be done outside a shop, sorry. Cap cam will definately be the cheaper way out if you can find on Yeah that's what i noticed when i had a look in the old vx. Is it possible just to take the whole main board from the old one and put it in the new one ?
  7. robbiemaynard

    Vx1000 Firewire

    Okay so the other day i needed to capture some footage from my VX since it is NTSC and i'm here in australia it's been hard to find a capture cam so as much as i don't like doing it i don't have a choice yet. Basically my computer wasn't recognising my camera so i clipped off the magnifying viewer from the EVF and had a look in the firewire port on the vx and noticed one of the gold connectors had snapped. Now my question is am i able to somehow take the firewire port from my old broken vx and put it in my working one ? i have some experience taking apart VX1s and am willing to try if it is possible. thanks.
  8. robbiemaynard

    Vx1000 Exposure Button Not Working

    thanks for the input, i have a spare left side case which i put on and it works fine so the problem is with the side case i was using. The wierd thing to me is that nothing has actually stopped working but it's like the buttons have switched if i press stop for example if i press stop on the vtr it rewinds and if i press rewind it plays i have a feeling the problems are related since the same kind of thing is happening with the exposure
  9. robbiemaynard

    Vx1000 Exposure Button Not Working

    i also just discovered some of the playback buttons don't work as well
  10. ok so the exposure button does nothing when i press it but the fader/overlap button when pressed will bring up the exposure bar and i can change it that way but i would prefer if i could just do it normally and i was wondering if anyone knows what would have caused this thanks.
  11. robbiemaynard

    Vx1000 Blocked Heads/strange Timecode Problem

    anybody know whats up ?
  12. robbiemaynard

    Vx1k Glitches

    I'd say it's just a coincidence that your' street footage is glitching and your park footage is fine, I think it's the condensation that the cold weather creates inside the camera that is usually the problem not so much just the fact that its cold. It's most likely just a case of dirty heads which we all know is common with these old cameras, run a head cleaner through for 10 seconds no more and if it doesn't fix it up then its not going to and you will need to get it professionally cleaned. If you live in the U.S then either find a reputable local business or just send it to Video Electronics.