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  1. mackoziarz


    kids a pussy u should virtually beat his ass...
  2. mackoziarz

    Exakta Vx1000

    wait u film???????? ive never seen an edit before?????? but filmings a cool look on u, it matches ur shoes
  3. mackoziarz

    Ogio Atiba Bag

    i have one sittin infront of me rite now fag bag
  4. mackoziarz

    Ogio Atiba Bag

  5. mackoziarz

    Vx1000 Cp Questions

    you open the battery compartment up take the battery out and straight up have sex with that shit...always use protection though cuz those vx1's are old and have been around the block a few times with 10 other previous owners.
  6. mackoziarz

    Yet Nother Want To Buy

    yea pirate it biotch!
  7. mackoziarz

    Yet Nother Want To Buy

    yo local ill help you out...
  8. mackoziarz


    unlegit brah
  9. mackoziarz


  10. mackoziarz

    Smashed Rear Element, But Perfect Front

    sell it...save people from scratched lens drama
  11. mackoziarz

    Sony Hdr-fx1

    Theres not many topics on just the sony fx1 as there should for being what i think are the nicest hd cameras that takes tapes u can buy. Talk about ur fx1 setup and lenses you have for it and share your videos you have created with the fx1 Mac Koziarz Sony FX1/MK2 Youtube: Minirampkilla
  12. mackoziarz


    good as movie
  13. mackoziarz

    Kicflip Boardslide

    hah old ass black dude steez...i like it
  14. mackoziarz

    Making A Video? Need Copies Made?

    do u have the capability to duplicate HD videos?