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  1. Jerskates

    DSLR Long Lens

    wow, honestly this looks like the answer everyone is looking for. never heard of these lenses, thank you!
  2. Jerskates

    General Camera Handles Thread

    I've been making my own handles for all the different types of DSLRs and just made one for my new mirror-less set-ups. I was thinking about making a dozen of each for the most common setups. here is a photo of my old canon set-up. I will post a thread about my new handles when I get a chance.
  3. you are never going to like HD fisheye if you think a vx/mk setup is the best looking set up to you. But, DLSR fisheye set ups can look much better then a hvx/hpx extreme IMO.
  4. Jerskates

    VX1000 dark

    JUST SAYING, Video Electronics are the people you want to fix your VX Cameras. My close friend Dean Kubasek has had this problem fixed along with many other problems from these homies.
  5. Jerskates

    DSLR Long Lens

    Alright, 4k post zooming is lit and all. But hear me out: Just because you don't use a zoom rocker doesn't mean the zoom tool is ruined. I know some hvx/hpx filmers used the zoom ring on their cameras to get the exact zoom they wanted. You honestly just have to grind and learn how to film with the zoom ring. I'm sure the Cinema lenses help a lot with all this but I don't have those. Anyways, what helps a lot is having a shoulder mount for your DSLR while your zooming. One hand on the lens and one hand on the rig/camera. I use this cheap shoulder mount off amazon and it has worked wonders! I'm about to make a video about this soon. (old photo)
  6. Jerskates

    Filming Assignment Research Poll - All SP Members Needed

    I loved the filming assignments and it helped a lot of us filmers improve quickly. I’d be willing to help run this section if needed. I just think this a very important part of what SP was and should be?
  7. Jerskates

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    Yo if you bless me up with some follows I'll love you guys forever. @jerskates for all your Albuquerque skateboarding insta needs. Video and photos with some edits. <3 Southwest up next you heard it here first. WHOLE LOTTA BURGER GANG SHITTT https://www.instagram.com/jerskates/
  8. I was about to off myself, but since SP back, I'll hang around and film some skating. GOD DAMN THIS FEELS SOOOOOO GOOOOD!!!
  9. SP back, I have a life purpose again.


  10. Jerskates

    The Little Things

    spicy whataburger ketchup.
  11. Jerskates

    New Yolofriendz

    wait a minute aren't YOU my brother swineboi????
  12. Jerskates

    Assignment 40

    Ripped it from my insta, so sarrreh about the quality. Iphone 4s
  13. yeeee swineboi coming up mane.
  14. Jerskates

    Assignment 38 Winners & Feedback

    YEEEE your boi back on his grind! thnx bbs
  15. Jerskates


    I thought the part was sick, But i had the same thought in my head the whole time, I'm sure Jaws was traveling quite a bit and didn't have 100% focus on his part for this like some of the others did. Not to mention i'm sure some of the footy that would have been for this went to like his xgames street part and other stuff.