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  1. JackoABCDEFG

    Havent Filmed In A While

    this was tiiiite
  2. JackoABCDEFG

    Asp 2.9.16

    from the other day. havent made an edit in months
  3. JackoABCDEFG

    East Coast Trip

    damn guys, i seriously cant thank you enough. i didn't think i'd get many spots out of this. you homies are the shit!!!
  4. me and a few friends of mine are leaving for a road trip this weekend down the east coast. we'll be stopping in richmond va, charlotte nc, atlanta, tampa, miami, and maybe orlando (if it isnt a waste of time & money). i know sp is pretty dead at this point but its always worth a try. if anybody lives around any of those areas and could hook it up with a few spots, or maybe even meet up and skate around, that would be very rad. we skated tampa and sarasota fl for 4 weeks last winter so we generally know most spots there, but any help would still be tight!
  5. JackoABCDEFG

    01109: Springfield, Ma

    stop by some day! its a fun city to push around. thank you dog! i believe its some CN-160 LED light. im not sure of the exact model since i bought it years ago, but its something along the lines of this- http://www.ebay.com/itm/CN160-LED-CN-160-Dimmable-Ultra-High-Power-Panel-Digital-Camera-Camcorder-Light-/271057093233 great light, dimmable, takes AA betteries as well as VX batteries. super convenient.
  6. JackoABCDEFG

    House Of Vans

    you guys killed that place! we were just their this past friday night, such a fun park. tight edit dog
  7. just put out the first of many edits capturing the many skate spots of various cities in western massachusetts. springfield came first. hope yall enjoy. filmed with: vx1mk1 gl2mk1
  8. JackoABCDEFG

    Color Creeper

    jeez this is pretty. lighting is too nice, perfect framing, exciting scene. awesome g.
  9. JackoABCDEFG

    The Sg Video

    thank you homie. bump
  10. JackoABCDEFG

    The Sg Video

    a full length video coming this summer with: jordan martins, brycen hernandez, jake clark, dylan rutherford, jack o'connor (myself), robert tishchenko, nicholas bruno, matt rondoletto, brendan o'connor & viktor tishchenko. filmed all over new england including tampa & sarasota fl. :-) also filmed with my old gl2/mk1 (thx electrical tape) music by my good friend uncle ryan. peep his sound cloud for more rad music: https://soundcloud.com/hologram69
  11. JackoABCDEFG

    Ma / Ct Parks

  12. JackoABCDEFG

    Florida Stuff

    filler at :53. this was rad
  13. JackoABCDEFG

    Ma / Ct Parks

    first editing ive done in 9 months... such a shame parks in agawam ma, fitchburg ma, new britain ct, acton ma, willimantic ct, bristol ct, hartford, and northampton ma so yeah thats what gl2mk1 footage looks like
  14. JackoABCDEFG

    Tampa 'blog'

    we got to tampa last saturday night. here is everything we've gotten each day (besides actual footage). some funny shit's gone down so far. by far the most we've ever skated, consecutively, every day. it's been tight. day 4 ^ i'll be posting every day up until day 6
  15. JackoABCDEFG

    Tampa Homies

    that'd be dope man. i see you skating down there. i'll dm you