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  1. Shmengles20


    Duluth Minnesota skating 2014 in a nutshell.
  2. Here's my full length skateboard flick from Duluth Minnesota. Hope you guys like. Charisma 2013.
  3. Shmengles20

    Charisma Promo

    Charisma is the newest skateboarding film out of Duluth Minnesota. Filmed and edited by Mike Rapaich. Give it a watch! Thanks guys.
  4. Shmengles20

    T3i Color Correction

    With my 60D, I usually just shoot flat and then give them +20 saturation with a procamp in post. That satisfies my needs for color correcting. In some occasions I'll use Mojo, but not too often.
  5. Shmengles20

    Canon T4i Setup

    If you're still looking for a handle, go with a Nomad handle! At $180 they get the job done. It's better than a cam caddie and not as expensive as an eazy handle! Plus, if you ever get a battery grip, the handle will fit it! www.nomadhandle.com
  6. Shmengles20

    Diy Duluth

    What's up guys? Here's a montage showcasing what we have going on up here with the skate scene in Duluth Minnesota. A few of us started DIY Duluth in August and it's been progressing quite well. I hope you like the video (I know it's a bit long but oh well). First and last montage are filmed by me and the middle montage is filmed by the older skaters of Duluth! Enjoy.
  7. Shmengles20

    Color Correction Processes

    I make sure to shoot with my sharpness, contrast, and saturation all the way down on my camera (nuetral setting). Then when I color correct in Premiere, I do a Procamp saturation of about 120-150 and my footage looks prime. I try not to sharpen/brighten in post at all unless I'm desparate.
  8. Shmengles20

    8mm Fisheye Focusing?

  9. Shmengles20

    Vx1 Vtr Dosent Light Up

    Another way you can clean the heads is through Firewire. Just plug you vx1000 into your computer with the firwire cable and use imovie or whatever program to run the tape.
  10. Shmengles20

    Sony Vx1000 Audio Glitches Help

    Try cleaning the heads!
  11. It could be the brand of tapes you are using. Have you ever used another tape besides the Maxell ones? Even if you use one tape from another brand it can cause issues. I would get your camera checked out and get the heads professionally cleaned and then switch to Sony Premiums. It could also be condensation in the tape deck. Idk, that's just my opinion. Honestly, it could be anything. I'd get it professionally looked at by VE or something. Hope this helps.
  12. We had great weather this Spring up here in Duluth. I hope you guys enjoy.
  13. Shmengles20

    Vx1000 Audio Dropouts

    Is the audio level on auto?