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  1. johnnygetsilly

    Random Photo Discussion

    I was vague. I guess for a solo show and exhibiting a series of work. Would you say like 25-50 photos? I'm talking photos also and the gallery I would be using is a smaller space. I guess I figured out my own question being that I would probably just have enough pieces not to clutter the place.
  2. johnnygetsilly

    Random Photo Discussion

    A question for those of you who have held galleries, how many works did you exhibit?
  3. johnnygetsilly

    N E T J I O T ∞

    Yo so I have an iPhone 4s that just blacked out and told me to connect it to iTunes, I connect it to iTunes and nothing happens. Does anyone know how to overcome this barrier cause I have some sick ass memories on there. Like I connect it and it stays on the "connect to iTunes" symbol, I took it into RadioShack and the guy told me "It's just a bad apple, there's nothing we can do about it." So I trusted the wise guy but there has to be another way.
  4. johnnygetsilly

    Random Photo Discussion

    That's not a chair. That's a throne.
  5. slip on pros = upgraded sock
  6. johnnygetsilly

    Random Photo Discussion

    Bobby Dekeyzer's zine is pretty good
  7. johnnygetsilly

    Random Photo Discussion

    I've been skating more than I've been shooting actual work. I mean I should wrap up my portfolio but damn man, I'll be skating like 3+ days of the week. I haven't been more in love with it.
  8. johnnygetsilly

    10 Things I Netjiot Abt U

    any emotion felt by a dog is worth feeling
  9. johnnygetsilly

    Netjiot The End

    You're the kid from Gummo?
  10. $40 including shipping skated maybe three times at the local park Just lemme know if you're interested I'll send pics 682-557-1297
  11. johnnygetsilly

    Random Photo Discussion

    RIP Chase G :,(
  12. johnnygetsilly

    Random Photo Discussion

    The Infinity lags more than the Epic for me, but they are the only two cameras I own right now for a reason.
  13. johnnygetsilly

    Random Photo Discussion

    Savage. My girlfriend hooked it up with some Portra 160 yuhhhhhhh
  14. If you have an Epson V600 with better scanning glass I'll take it. text 682-557-1297 I got that dough on the quickness. Just need that connect.