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  1. Random Photo Discussion

    I was vague. I guess for a solo show and exhibiting a series of work. Would you say like 25-50 photos? I'm talking photos also and the gallery I would be using is a smaller space. I guess I figured out my own question being that I would probably just have enough pieces not to clutter the place.
  2. Random Photo Discussion

    A question for those of you who have held galleries, how many works did you exhibit?
  3. N E T J I O T ∞

    Yo so I have an iPhone 4s that just blacked out and told me to connect it to iTunes, I connect it to iTunes and nothing happens. Does anyone know how to overcome this barrier cause I have some sick ass memories on there. Like I connect it and it stays on the "connect to iTunes" symbol, I took it into RadioShack and the guy told me "It's just a bad apple, there's nothing we can do about it." So I trusted the wise guy but there has to be another way.
  4. Random Photo Discussion

    That's not a chair. That's a throne.
  5. slip on pros = upgraded sock
  6. Random Photo Discussion

    Bobby Dekeyzer's zine is pretty good
  7. Random Photo Discussion

    I've been skating more than I've been shooting actual work. I mean I should wrap up my portfolio but damn man, I'll be skating like 3+ days of the week. I haven't been more in love with it.
  8. 10 Things I Netjiot Abt U

    any emotion felt by a dog is worth feeling
  9. Netjiot The End

    You're the kid from Gummo?
  10. $40 including shipping skated maybe three times at the local park Just lemme know if you're interested I'll send pics 682-557-1297
  11. Random Photo Discussion

    RIP Chase G :,(
  12. Random Photo Discussion

    The Infinity lags more than the Epic for me, but they are the only two cameras I own right now for a reason.
  13. Random Photo Discussion

    Savage. My girlfriend hooked it up with some Portra 160 yuhhhhhhh
  14. If you have an Epson V600 with better scanning glass I'll take it. text 682-557-1297 I got that dough on the quickness. Just need that connect.