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  1. Selling my MK1, never been hit before and always babied. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Century-Optics-3x-MK1-Fisheye-Lens-/221270372538?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item3384bdf0ba
  2. RandZ

    "sell Me Your Mk1"

    i have a really clean mk1 for sale, pm me
  3. I have a clean one! 550 and we gotta deal!
  4. The song from the daylando promo is Beach Wail - Abacus. You can't find it online, hmu and i can give you the file
  5. My Sony HC52 never fails
  6. RandZ

    Should I Go Sd Or Hd

    I dont see the need to buy an expensive hd camera + fisheye when mainly you are going to be filming skateboarding. Don't get me wrong hd is good for broll and all but vx1/mk1 all the way for skating IMO
  7. RandZ

    Vx1000 How To Film Lines

    Always try to be right with the skater and dont hold it to low but like 2 inches above his board
  8. RandZ

    Wtb Ty Evans Bag 1 Or 2

    ill sell you one for 90 TY 2 thats brand new, never used it.
  9. If anyone has any batteries for sale that are compatible for a sony vx2000 or vx2100 let me know, have money in paypal ready to buy
  10. RandZ

    Sony Batteries For Sale!

    How much for all of them? interested
  11. RandZ

    King Of The Road Voting Thread

    3 pts Daniel Kusnir 2pts RyanLodinski 1 pt TJSon
  12. RandZ

    Wtb: Ty 2 Asap!

    I have one that just sits in my room but idk if Im ever gonna use it again or not. Let me know if your interested!
  13. haha its in maryland, but yeah having to wear helmets kinda blows it but whatever. Anyone else?