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  1. Really dig the double headlights and tank Jay. Your bike looks awesome. What length legs do you have? 8"over or something? Camping trip sounded a lot more intense then the one I just went on Stefan, those photos are awesome. I just went camping last weekend. Had a lot of good times and met a lot of awesome people. Main issue was my charging system failing 30 minutes into the ride up to the camping site at a lake about 2 hours away. Long story, but after about 3 or 4 road-side break downs and jump starts/ghetto rigs, we made it up to the lake. I had to ride the entire time with my lights off, and riding through the forest at night, on windy roads I had never been on, in pitch blackness was fucking terrifying. I just had to stay as close to my friends I was riding with as possible. Somehow my battery held a 12v charge the entire ride home, even though the charging system still seemed to be fucked according to meter readings before leaving and when I get home. I still have no idea how it didn't drain one bit. I just ordered a Cycle Electrics Gen/Reg from lowbrow, I can't fucking wait to get it. Even though I just put a new regulator on, I couldn't be more stoked to take it off.
  2. Tried that three or four times at first, too bad it wasn't so simple. Once I got it working I took my old generator apart and it's kind of hard to explain since I don't posses the vocabulary, but the rectangle shaped nut that holds the A terminal screw on inside was turned 90 degrees the wrong way, causing it to rest against the casing. So I thought what was happening was that it was grounding itself out, but once I fixed it still the same thing. The brushes and every thing else looked fine, but once I took it apart more I found some electrical tape holding stuff in place, so I think it was a problem over my head that got fixed before but arose again. I had a friend help that knows 100x more than I do, and we couldn't figure it out.
  3. Don't know what brand, but I know it was a bolt on that he also welded on. I like the one he put on, only issue is the old frame peaks above the lines of the hard tail near the seat, so I can't mount a seat that sits into the fender without chopping off part of the old frame and welding in a T piece for support. I don't trust my welding skills to do that though. My friend sold me a girder for really cheap and help me put it on this week. I also just got rabbits recently, so going from T bars/39mm's to rabbits/10over with no front brake (for now) is intense. I swapped the T bars back on after riding it home with the rabbits. Need to get used to one at a time. I spent the last while since I last came on here trying to figure out charging issues I was having. It took me so long to figure it out, even after taking the generator and regulator off to bench test them. Even after bench testing the generator it seemed fine, but as soon as I put it in the battery would still be reading 11.4v running. Luckily my friend has a panhead generator that I put in and it works great. Couldn't find anything about running a pan gen. in an ironhead so hoping nothing goes wrong with the charging system. Least of my worries now that I can't get my bike to even turn on, either my battery or keyswitch took a shit on me.
  4. I have the swing arm but still plan to get a weld on hard-tail for the frame. Don't have any problem with the kicker. I mean, it's pretty close, but never an issue. The pipes are really the only issue clearance wise. I drag them on the ground on damn near every right turn I make at low speeds, but it's never dramatic or a problem. Jealous of your weather Stefan. Can't wait for summer.
  5. I had a gs750 up until January, then I sold it and bought a friend's '78 xlch. He built it some years ago, but just got a shovel he's building so decided to sell it to me. We just put in an electronic ignition a few weeks ago, and all I've done to it since I've had it is change the bars to some forward bent t-bars I cut skinny. Also had to change the wiring on the key switch cause apparently it hates rigid frames. The motor and frame don't match, but I have the matching frame in my living room right now. After summer we're going to pull the bike apart and start a new build from the original frame. It's rad looking through this thread, a lot of cool stuff. I haven't been on here in over a year.
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    Random Photo Discussion

    Hey guys.
  7. I wish people were into motorcycles when I used this site.
  8. Hell yeah, that jumping photo is awesome haha. So after a couple months of riding my cj360, and having problems every single time I rode it, I decided to buy a new bike. Just got this gs750 bobber off craigslist a few days ago. So fucking stoked on this thing. It's so loud though, I'm kinda nervous when I've got to ride next to cops since I have no endorsement/insurance.
  9. No real reason for doing it. I just have dual carbs and bought a tank already pre cut for the pair, and petcocks were only 20$ a piece. Mainly just thought it would look better.
  10. Damn this thread is still goin strong? Hell yeah. I took my bike to a shop yesterday, Tried fixing it myself for days, took apart everything but the engine and still couldn't it running. Compression issues is my only guess left. I bought a new tank for it and two petcocks so I'll have dual petcocks once it's running. Plus I'm taking metal fabrication courses in the fall so I'll be able to work on it myself more. Stoked!
  11. I haven't come on here in so god damn long. I guess I need to post since I'm still a mod (? I'll find out when I post this)
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    I'm in the process of painting a really big pentagram in the living room of my friends house; This shows the scale of it better; Other shit;
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    Tattoo Thread 2.0

    My girlfriend got both the tops of her feet done in one sitting and it looked fucking awful. She said it sucked.
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    Internet Censorship

    Megaupload is back(ish);
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    Internet Censorship

    Oh yeah, and along with that link I posted, Anonymous posted Chris Dodd's (Head of MPAA) home address and phone number; http://pastebin.com/WEydcBVV The list of sites they've taken down is so awesome (although justice works); justice.gov universalmusic.com riaa.org mpaa.org copyright.gov hadopi.fr wmg.com usdoj.gov bmi.com fbi.gov