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  1. yes all the footy was filmed on t2i
  2. VanKhokhlov

    Wtb.: 10 - 20 Mm Sigma Canon

    or other lenses that start from 10mm
  3. thanks a lot !!!! and yeah that guy is incredibly awesome !!!
  4. Hey. Just dropped the trailer for my upcoming skate short film. Let me know what do you think about this one. Thanks Van
  5. VanKhokhlov

    Flannels Button Ups Shoes Beanies And More

    4star flannel (blue) domestic Pants sz 34 20$ shipped ?
  6. VanKhokhlov

    Blind Sunday F

    Here's Blind Sunday Fundays clip i filmed and edited with an europe flow for blind most of the footage is not mine... tell me what do think http://skateboarding.transworld.net/100014...co-lambertucci/ thanks
  7. VanKhokhlov

    Fs: U-flycam

    hmm pretty interesting gonna hit u up once i'll get money...
  8. VanKhokhlov

    Wtb: Full Camera Setup

    have a full dvx mk2 setup with light backpack and other stuff for 1300 pm me if interested
  9. VanKhokhlov

    Century Optics Babydeath

    do you still have it??
  10. VanKhokhlov

    Disco Club Video

    oh yea fuck you should've told me it before ahahah, however gonna use this tip in future thanks! (the timelapse)
  11. VanKhokhlov

    Disco Club Video

    i was using a prime 50mm at f/1.8 shutter bout 100 and 3600 iso....this was the only way to avoid a too dark image. i used fluorescent wb cos i for me it was the only one that had a cooler image...all the other ones were too warm. however i don't know how to use the custom one. xD the length of all the video wasn't depending on me because they told me that i had to be like not less than a 2 minute long however thank you tim for these tips and advices. =D
  12. VanKhokhlov


    yeah but it's ok because i handle it with my index finger above the first little bar because of balance