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  1. Modding a fisheye for HD

    I took an old opteka 58mm and shoe gooed a 82mm filter with the glass broke out on it, gets the lens nice and close and cost me $60?
  2. BMPCC?

    Is this in the video dynamic range setting then?
  3. BMPCC?

    How many of you use the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema and what have you made with it? I just got one and wanna see what options are out there for using it for skating in terms of lens, stability, etc.
  4. Opteka Bayo?

    Nah mk1 has a weird thread size. Wouldnt work.
  5. Mk1

    what ya got?
  6. do you know what mod piece is in that raymod?
  7. anyone have one? I have a opteka death lens 58mm I will trade. or I'll buy it straight up. lmk
  8. looking for vx's and gls aswell as trvs.
  9. Mostly looking for vx1000s but let me know what you have. You can pm me or text is faster @ 616-502-9351 Thanks -Trevor
  10. Vx1 Batteries

    4 of em. 3 hold good charge. $5 for bad one(30 mins life) $15 for good ones plus 5 for shipping. Text me 616-502-9351