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  1. Jake J

    Random Photo Discussion

    Kodak is bringing back T-Max p3200. only 35mm so far, they said if it does well on the market they might do 120. neat. Also, anyone have experience with buying expired film? Someone wants to sell me 18 rolls of Portra 160NC in 220 but said it hasn't been cold stored/expired in '07. $100. Worth it or nah?
  2. Jake J

    I missed you guys.

    First one reminds me of my dorm room from college, similar windows lol. Second I wish you would've panned down a little bit. That looks like a good boy, I know it sounds weird but there's a lot of emotion in his face and I love the shadow following the lines on the widow/wall. Also i agree, third is my favorite of the three for similar reasons to what Anthony said. I love the contrast of her hat compared to the rest of the shot, especially with the orange tag on the wall.
  3. Jake J


    Sup boy <333
  4. Jake J

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    I don't post any of my film photos, but if y'all wanna see pictures of my dogs/the odd point and shoot collection I'm adding to, follow up. @yake_yohnson
  5. Jake J

    Random Photo Discussion

    Holy shit, they make wifi SD cards??? Like I said, really been out of the digital loop. But yeah man! The rx100 was the first camera I thought of but wasn't sure about it compared to Fuji. OGMike, you back on here???
  6. Jake J

    Blue Hawaii

    West Maui, Olivine Pools area. Probably my favorite place to take pictures. Used to be kind of hidden, now it's a super touristy spot so it's kind of a bummer.
  7. Jake J

    Blue Hawaii

    Couple of shots from a few years ago. Olympus XA. Kodak Gold 200.
  8. Jake J

    Random Photo Discussion

    Really glad this place is back, not only because I have the same issues with Facebook/Reddit pages being just constant questions and no feedback, but ironically because I have a question that hopefully one of you can answer for me without calling me a cuck or something like that. (I hate the Facebook photographers groups) So I'm not as familiar with digital gear these days, my sister is studying abroad in Spain and wants a camera with wifi capability so she can upload/edit via her phone instead of a laptop. I know the Fuji X30 has this, but I'm not sure she'll need all the bells and whistles that comes with it. Any recommendations on something portable/affordable with wifi?? Thanks boys.
  9. KEH.com my man, BGN condition. Thing is cosmetically not great but picture quality not affected. Best decision I ever made. I have other gear, but I'm constantly reaching for it above all others. It's a blast to shoot with and it's the sharpest glass I've ever owned. Changed my whole style of shooting.
  10. I learned about the process originally on here. Even if nobody posts anymore, the gear review/techniques thread is a goldmine of info. and I'm glad it's back to dig through. It also helps that I ran into the old chemistry department chair of my college and he gave me a copy of a book he wrote called "The Chemistry of Photography" in which he has a chapter specifically dedicated to caffenol and other alt processing techniques. After coffee I'm gonna try different red wines. But yeah, once I get through a few roasts/rolls and get it all scanned I'll make a caffenol thread with some results!
  11. Graduated from College. English degree, so I bartend and shoot weddings on weekends. Got two dogs, both border collie mixes. Got engaged. I introduce her to people as my ex-girlfriend. Still shoot a lot of film. Built a darkroom in my basement. Stopped skating years ago, but last time I was on a board I landed a PRISTINE kickflip.
  12. I graduated with a degree in English, so I'm a wedding photographer/videographer/bartender now. It's the exact opposite of what I want to do with photos, but it pays the bills and funds my expensive film habit haha. Sold all my gear and got a Mamiya 7 (v. Good decision), and use my Epic/Yashica T2 on occasion as well. (Those things are crazy expensive now??? I got my last one on here I think for like $35 and now they're going for $200+) Anyways, pretty much exclusively 120 now outside of video gigs. Built a darkroom in my basement with my fiancé (also, I got engaged) and have been really forcing myself to stick to analog for photos. Been really enjoying making prints, been messing around with pinhole stuff, and trying to work with more alt-process methods. Currently expiramenting with caffenol and trying different roasts/acidities to see how it affects development/overall quality.
  13. Jake J

    Random Photo Discussion

    What's up y'all.
  14. Jake J

    Random Photo Discussion

    Portra 400 @ 320 <3 I just shot my very last roll of 400NC, RIP.
  15. Jake J

    Random Photo Discussion

    Sup boys. (I'm assuming there's no girls on this site anymore and that it's just the <20 of you die hards posting in RPD keeping this forum alive) I know I dipped in a few weeks ago to bitch about the prices of a stylus epic but turns out I found one for $50 so I got stoked. Then I remembered that it's $50 for a pro pack of portra and now I'm remembering why I ditched a lot of my film gear for an x100. What have you folks been up to? Anybody go anywhere or do any cool stuff for the holidays? I graduated from college and flew out to Hawaii as a pat on the back to myself. Got to retake a lot of old photos and do a better job of not fucking them up this time around and got some new stuff I'm stoked on. Just not sure what to do with all of it. For now I dumped it on flickr. I haven't had time to do any photo stuff for about 9 months because of all the school junk I've been wrapped up in, plus I had to step down from being a photo editor for the newspaper in town to focus on finishing school so my reasons to shoot have been cut down dramatically. I will say that taking photos feels good again though, especially film. I actually had fun doing it instead of feeling like it was work. Got me feelin nostalgic for SP so I figured I'd jump back into posting on here. TuneBomb I'm still shooting with that XA you sent me, got a lot of good shots with it that I'll be uploading once I get the film processed. Thing works great most of the time and I felt like a nerd carrying around an XA and a Stylus in each pocket but they're just so damn convenient. Happy New Years RPD.