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  1. i have a vx1 mk1 setup for sale
  2. joey9

    Filmer Backpacks

    Yeah i have like 5-6 of them i believe. message me on facebook, joey jacobs.129
  3. joey9

    Filmer Backpacks

    pm'ed you
  4. joey9

    Filmer Backpacks

    Ogio Ty2 camera bag hands down. best backpack I've owned. I have several for sale if you're interested. They don't make them anymore
  5. joey9

    General Camera Handles Thread

    Yeah I do film lines with the ronin, you can check out some vids on my Instagram @joeyjacobss
  6. joey9

    General Camera Handles Thread

    I use a full sized ronin... ? but i I do have an eazy handle v1 and v2 for sale if anyone’s interested. On a somewhat related note, since they are out of business, would it be legal to start reproducing them with the exact same dimensions? I didn’t think they had a patent or anything
  7. I graduated high school, got really into cars, went to college at central Michigan university where I’m still attending now. Lotta bullshit happened, I met Logan Burris and nich Estes at a car show in Georgia too. I went to Europe which was dope. It feels so good to be back and part of the community! Heres a pic of my car, if you wanna see more follow me on my Instagram! @joeyjacobss
  8. joey9

    Camera Stock Sale!

  9. joey9

    Wtb : Ty Bag Ogio

    i have some
  10. joey9

    Camera Stock Sale!

    hit you up on Facebook
  11. joey9

    Camera Stock Sale!

    throw out offers, i need money asap!
  12. I have my opteka .3x 72mm death lens for sale. The lens is in mint condition with both front and back caps. I also have a 72mm spacer and 82mm-72mm step down ring i can include if you want it. Im trying to get rid of it asap to buy car parts! TEXT me at (2 four eight) (eight 7 two) (3 six seven 6) for more info, i don't come on here anymore. Im looking for 150 Shipped OBO. Thanks