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  1. Wtb: Sd Setup...vx Or Dvx

    do you have a link with footage, i needa see how that lens looks
  2. Vx1000 60fps

    if you get the right angles you can make anything look big, and I hate having the black bars next to my footage so I prefer stretched
  3. Vx1000 60fps

    yea unfortunately stretching it makes it look like HD, since HD is 16x9, SD is 4:3. Also depending what you are watching it on, when something is exported to a dvd and watched on a real screen it usually looks better
  4. Vx1000 60fps

    Do you mean Substance? That one was nothing special, I've seen better quality Vx footage. First off, shutter speed up to 180-250, preferably 180. Go to CP turn the sharpness up all the way, and then export it right, also dependent of how you want the footage stretched or compressed.
  5. Lens Hits Volume 2

    Dam man you gotta move the camera around more lol
  6. Boardslide (testing Colors)

    What camera are you filming with? Did you color correct these colors or is that all from the camera? I don't like the colors at all, it looks hazy almost like I'm watching a dream sequence. Get closer when you film too.
  7. Tascam Dr70d

    Awesome device, don't know if it's worth lugging that thing around with you though.
  8. Mico 4/3 Fisheye

    In the market for a micro 4/3 fisheye, leaning towards the samyang, but open to other offers.(PREFERABLY ALL BLACK).
  9. I remember when christmas gifts were sockem boppers and legos, not iPads and Beats headphones
  10. Does Anyone Remember Kyran Ford?

    he was gonna buy a lens from me, for a cheap price, pristine condition, and decided not to on the sole purpose that my communication to him as a seller was inferior. I took the high road and told him to fuck off
  11. Tips For Shooting Meeting And Evenrs

    Hence the close ups/tight shots. Obviously your gonna have to have a majority of boring lecture type footage as a master shot, but if you can do a couple quick cuts closing in on the speaker and several of the listeners or contributors it'll add some dynamic to it at least.
  12. Tips For Shooting Meeting And Evenrs

    Ask them about the main topics of discussion during the meeting, film in tighter shots generally, seeing people talk in a wide shot of bland scenery is VERY boring. I don't think you should worry about lighting. Focus on the small things, hand gestures, nice smiles. Try to divide every part of the event your filming into separate sequences and film each with some sort of climax, even if its the simples thing. Try to get over the shoulder shots, they make the simplest of dialogue situations seem more intense or interesting.
  13. New Kodak Super 8

    This is insane, I wonder how much it's gonna be, I would definitely be interested in one
  14. Panasonic Gh2 With 14-42mm Lens And Fisheye!

    split the body only?
  15. Filming Advice

    a shutter speed too high makes it look funky, should be around 1/48 or 180