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  1. dkn


    live love CAPSLOCK
  2. here's a song i made today, i make them lots of days. anyone else
  3. dkn


    live love CAPSLOCK
  4. dkn


    hey hi, how are you
  5. dkn

    Pictures Of Skateperception Og's

    hey guys i miss seeing your pictures, maybe we can revive it
  6. dkn

    Random Photo Discussion

    lol that shit is funny, that video was pretty memorable too. interesting to see you chris latina i remember sent me a rz67 and the WLF broke, but he wrote me an apology letter, like through the actual mail so that was really awesome anyways. can i be a mod Tomchy? and congratulations
  7. no talking just music please. good music thank you
  8. dkn

    Trips coming up?

    i am near Pueblo, CO right now and i don;t know where i want to go once i get my income tax return. that is in like a week i think im going back to LA and have a little southwest vacation because i love it so much there if people want to skateboard then let me know, hopefully i'll skate with Ethan Roads again, maybe other Phoenix people also west LA ppl hmu. i mostly skate Stoner and the courthouse
  9. dkn


    haha these are fucking cool. tri x DOES work for you. cool little combo
  10. dkn

    Snow & Florida

    also interesting that you would go from Miami to Portland because they are exact opposites, but i guess some people just want to run so far from what they grew up dealing with. i respect that. once again, cool third picture
  11. dkn

    Snow & Florida

    dude i remember in Portland it snowed on my birthday once. that is scary how people drive there in the snow that is my favorite of the three pictures too. i like the interior lights on the left side
  12. here's a few pictures for you guys. i like the dress in this one, it's at echo park lake here is another picture of this girl, we broke up recently and i think she is gay? it affects me kind of still. the light was beautiful though this one is where people would tag swastikas and so people would turn them into windows logos but actually i think this one is just a windows logo, i don't know i hope you guys enjoyed the post,
  13. dkn

    My baby

    wow, you are the fucking man. that is cool you are a parent now. beautiful pictures