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  1. VXSups

    you will let me give yuo some money? i want a question from you.i'll meet you anywhere. you will get shoes, if not something better ( ;

  2. ya i heard thomas was on some lay-low shit, he was fucking cool, hated me but
  3. i mean shit i still chat with all these ppl except not bpimp fuck him lmao sp or die bitch
  4. size 9 or whatever, like i have some work boots and shred em but .. hmu pls
  5. dkn

    Lettuce discuss: ogmike the MVP

    dude rips too if you didn't know
  6. dkn

    Lettuce discuss: ogmike the MVP

    it's a trip , def congrats man
  7. dkn


    sup g
  8. ha this summer been so sick. i'm in portland if anyone once to shred, and then back to sf https://instagram.com/p/BlTFpk8l7z-/ https://instagram.com/p/BkO8odZlW5g/
  9. dkn


    live love CAPSLOCK
  10. here's a song i made today, i make them lots of days. anyone else
  11. dkn


    live love CAPSLOCK
  12. dkn


    hey hi, how are you