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  1. 10 days free of nicotine and 4 days free of alcohol So sad today
  2. I would love to have footy in that
  3. Was that skating or what? I busted my chin pretty bad like two years ago and now hair doesn't grow there at all, it's rly weird to shave Also it stained my favorite shirt of blood, which I actually love
  4. One whole week free of nicotine ! Hardest addiction to beat ever honestly
  5. Dog Appreciation

    This is my old dog Hasel
  6. full circle.

    The bird is so sick timing omg
  7. Last month(s)

    Wow I wish I got Guus criticism like that. I like the photos! What processing did you do? Specifically resizing and scanning They look extremely crisp
  8. Nine Club

    We need a Tom Penny one. And to compliment the Strobeck one: The last bit about Dylan was heavy
  9. Source

    Indoor portrait one feels very intimate and I love that
  10. SP LIVES

    2nd one is like metallic, so cool
  11. Newman are you all into programming now too? I actually got super into Linux and bash scripting. Been learning Python3 now. https://github.com/zzzeyez
  12. I'm going to spend some time in Florida. I am living in a van and really just skate mostly Where is the skate community the most fun? And do you guys see any RVs etc hanging around specific areas?
  13. Colorado

    Yeah you can get great shops up there. Here's an example https://0x0.st/sNFy.JPG As for nature stuff I have no clue but those are some big-assed mountains dude, they're unavoidable almost. There's a sick cave if you take i6 I believe from Golden into the mountains. But it's probably too wet right now Colorado Springs/Manitou is probably better for the nature shit. Like I said: Garden of The Gods is amazing