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  1. YellowCURB

    VX1000 history.

    great read!
  2. YellowCURB

    Used Mk1 for VX1000

    Looking for a used lens I’ll consider scratched ones as well if there not completely trashed
  3. YellowCURB

    Post your username changes

    anyway you could message me the email its connected with it might be my old account i cant access anymore
  4. YellowCURB

    Post your username changes

    Change mine from filmthe717 too YellowCurb
  5. how much for that eazy handle
  6. YellowCURB

    Sale Thread For Skater132

    yo pm me interested
  7. Yo hit me up if you still got that opteka

  8. Interested! I can pay for this ASAP Pm me for my #
  9. YellowCURB

    Opteka Lens For Peterb

    interested PM your #
  10. YellowCURB

    King Of The Road Voting Thread

    3pts Daniel Kusnir 2pts MikeyDawes 1pt. Happyface
  11. YellowCURB

    Sony Batteries For Sale!

    those battery's you have for a vx-1000? I'm looking for some if so pm me back
  12. YellowCURB

    Canon Hv30

    How much you looking to get for it?
  13. YellowCURB

    Video Daze - Montage 2

    Damn them kids rip! That clip at freedom plazza was sick good job on this montage what camera set up did you use?
  14. YellowCURB

    Super Wide Opteka Mod (VX1000 / 52mm Opteka)

    How did you mod the lens i'd really like this for my vx1000