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  1. The2010Project

    Random Photo Discussion

    I recognize everyone who posted on the last two pages, that's good or bad? nobody hitting that like button anymore? most liked content is still the same from a while back
  2. The2010Project


  3. The2010Project

    Random Photo Discussion

    Buy nice, or buy twice.
  4. The2010Project

    Random Photo Discussion

    I had a Hasselblad back leaking. I can't remember how I sourced the guy (or if I just searched) but I got new foam from a dude on eBay and it came with decent instructions on taking out the old and replacing with the new. I would imagine there is at least one dude out there doing the same thing for Bronica backs.
  5. The2010Project

    Random Photo Discussion

    promise me bb u dnt wipe
  6. The2010Project

    Random Photo Discussion

  7. The2010Project

    Random Photo Discussion

    Bros, it was for a video. He had well lit pictures of the other dudes and the request was to make this random pic (I think that he did not actually take) as close to the others as possible.
  8. The2010Project

    The Park At Melbourne Hd

    really sick man honestly I almost turned it off, intro was too slow for my tastes and didn't seem to flow with the pace of the rest of the montage
  9. The2010Project

    Roar And Gills Demo Reel

    you made this with that mac you stole?
  10. The2010Project

    Random Photo Discussion

    Barney's been hacked, it's a trap!
  11. The2010Project

    Last Minute Secret Santa 2k14

    if whoever got my name last year could go ahead and send me a pic that would be grate
  12. The2010Project

    Sk8 Rat V2

    The new footage was sick! The back nosegrind quick setup fakie frontside flip was awesome.
  13. The2010Project

    Ryan Sheckler Bs Flip

    I sleep in them.
  14. The2010Project

    Camera Sold On Ebay

    yo, I thought there was a reply, but now it's gone... a scammer is trying to pull a fast one