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  1. What the hell have you been up to?

    I'm almost 30 now, unfortunately skateboarding and photography aren't something I really do anymore...that bums me out. Maybe with the revival of this site I can get back into it. Are D50s still good?
  2. Random Photo Discussion

    completely out the loop. What's popular these days?
  3. Random Photo Discussion

    its been a while, fill me in, are d50s still cool
  4. Random Photo Discussion

  5. Random Photo Discussion

    Knife hits, kbye
  6. Random Photo Discussion

    I wish, i was 1-2 when this stuff was shot. just thought it was cool. heres a better look at it http://rumur.com/malls/#!prettyPhoto
  7. Fibonacci's Sequence.

    I find it interesting kbye
  8. Random Photo Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sONfxPCTU0 srzly guize
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    just rustling your jimmies olympus made them with or without, the limited(special) edition ones are burgundy. regardless, they all operate the same. ...Black is sexy
  10. Random Photo Discussion

    the part where color doesnt matter....
  11. Random Photo Discussion

  12. Random Photo Discussion

    fuck that place