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  1. coreysamson

    Fs Crook

    i like the second one better.. his pants get lost in the trees in the first one, power up the flash behind him to get a little bit of a glow around him. (if you only have 1 get another) maybe get down a bit lower so he is more framed in the sky as well. or try to get a different angle and frame him in the trees to the left.
  2. coreysamson

    Wallie, Ollie

    let me know what you guys think
  3. coreysamson

    50-50 Down The Middle Rail

    this is fucking dope, lighting is on point and a cool trick. If i had to say something you could have gone to the right a bit to frame him fully in the sky.
  4. coreysamson

    No Comply & Bs Flip X2

    Thanks Jordan! I agree with my timing on the first 2, could of been better for sure.. took your advice on the 3rd, I don't do b&w too much, but i tried. thanks again
  5. coreysamson

    No Comply & Bs Flip X2

    starting to shoot again more, hope to hear some feedback
  6. coreysamson

    Kickflip, Bs Flip

    for sure, I only have a 50mm right now so I'm trying to make it work. appreciate the feedback guys.
  7. coreysamson

    Kickflip, Bs Flip

    csamsphoto.com thanks!
  8. coreysamson

    I Didn't Go To Work This Morning,

    I'm drunk lol https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5012/5533430871_b38cb9a48a_z.jpg BONAS, idc https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3638/5694785941_449d12d195_z.jpg (mod edit: 2 embedded photos per post, link any others)
  9. coreysamson

    Point And Shit

    2nd n 3rd 👏👏
  10. coreysamson

    Walls // Qc

    ^^ exactly. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!
  11. coreysamson

    Walls // Qc

    I've been taking photos of walls for the last bit.. Quialscorner.com Csamsphoto.com
  12. coreysamson

    Sp Photodude's Instagrams

  13. coreysamson

    Shawn Powers // Crack Gallery

    Yo, I know I didn't upload photo by photo. I appreciate the feedboys!