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  1. Female Skateboarding Filmers - Are There Any Out There?

  2. Counter Strike:go

    Yeah I play, I don't play much anymore because of my terrible internet. I play more left for dead 2 than anything. I think my name is Bitch Stank or it that doesnt work my email is almostaskateboard@gmail.com
  3. Uncut Decks

    My local shop sell an uncut alienworkshop deck, like its made for cutting yourself and comes with templates for crusiers. http://www.warehouseskateboards.com/alien-workshop-diy-uncut-blank-skateboard-deck-9x33
  4. Ramped Slow Mo App

    any chance of an android port?
  5. Gl2 Park-tage

    Just a few hours in the park. Gl2/raymod
  6. For Sale Thread.

    could the at&t iphone be unlocked?
  7. Ios 7

    It looks so similar to android 4.x jellybean.... http://www.itworld.com/open-source/373903/did-apple-copy-android-ios-7
  8. Wtb Iphone

  9. Jessie could have got evidence of Walter being guilty a much easier way, remember when they went out to the desert on that super 4 day cook. Yes, well remember that during the hardcore meth cooking montage Jessie was recording it on his handheld camera get those mad anglez... Yeah well he could have just let Hank peep dat sik f00ty and avoided the whole "thing"
  10. Wtb Iphone

    Thinking of getting an iphone wanna see what price I could get one for, looking for an unlocked iphone 4 and up, needs to have a sim card slot.
  11. De-interlace Help (sd Footage)

    I would use vegas 7 for an old pc (256mb ram requirment compared to a gig), when editing go to preferences and set the project settings the same as the video settings, theres a thing for doing it its called Match media settings I think. Then render the video raw (the same as the clip before editing it) then use something like mpegstreamclip or handbrake to compress it for web.
  12. Vx1000 Help

    I used handbrake for my last video this was originally around a gig and I compressed it to about 180 while not loosing any quality, I actually looks better than my raw dv footy on youtube
  13. Gnarcotics: Montage `1

    Thanks man, I need to get a filmer board and learn to film fisheye better.
  14. Gnarcotics: Montage `1

    yuh dank nugs 420 #ILOVEKETAMIN
  15. A montage of footy that me and my friends have been filming for, for a while now. Filmed mainly on a trv900/ century baby death but theres a few vx1/raynox and gl2/raymod clips in there too. Song is The What ft Method Man Woody remix is anyone is diggin it.