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  1. Firewire Thunderbolt adapter

    When thunderbolt was relatively new I remember seeing alot of people have issues capturing miniDV with the firewire thunderbolt adapter. Just wondering if anyone captures using this thing and have you had any issues? Looking to upgrade my MacBook soon and it doesn't look like you can request to have a firewire port installed anymore.
  2. Modding a fisheye for HD

    Would like to see someone try to mod a fisheye for a HPX the same way a Raymod is done, with just a wide angle glass peice inserted into a semi-fisheye type lense. Must be a wider alternative to the Xtreme than the new Bayo mk2's.
  3. Mk1 Bayo For Vx1

  4. Mk1 Bayo For Vx1

    Looking for an mk1 bayo!!! Have money ready to go please DM me here or text me at 7o9-746-892o
  5. Vig Question

    its nice
  6. made this video with some homies over 2015 and a bit of 2014, i edited it too!! check it out
  7. You should probably just get the right cord then instead of messing with an adapter
  8. what kind of adapter do you mean. if its a thunderbolt adapter you might be in for some bad times, heard they suck
  9. Vx2000 Weird Colours

    Okay thanks, thats all really good information. Ill send you a PM if we decide to send it off.
  10. Vx2000 Weird Colours

    Okay thanks, is this something that you think I could fix at home or should it be sent away, what is the ballpark rate for this fix?
  11. Vx2000 Weird Colours

    bumppp if somebody knows exactly what is causing this it would be so helpful
  12. Vx2000 Weird Colours

    thats kind of what i thought at first, but you can still see the battery life, all the menus, etc. When the ribbon cable is gone wouldn't you just see nothing through the viewfinder.
  13. Vx2000 Weird Colours

  14. My friend just bought a vx2000 from ebay and the viewfinder and lcd are only showing this. Anyone know what's wrong?
  15. Want To Buy A Raymod

    thanks man, let me know!