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  1. I have a vx2 mk1 bayo if anyone wants to trade for vx1 bayo, in UK also
  2. Look in the picture, the microphone is totally exposed, the cover was missing when i brought the camera. What would be my best alternative to cover the phone? Thanks in advance
  3. vx-max


    I like it, props
  4. vx-max


    so good!
  5. vx-max

    More Scans.

    first too are real good man
  6. vx-max

    Help Please

    hello all, I lent my minolta srt 101 to a friend, and about a month later he said something wont work. So i had a look at it, the film rewind button was in and the camera would not wind on, or fire the shutter, all leavers and buttons where jammed. After trying everything I could i got a little fed up and just forced the leaver back, the shutter fired after this. But now when i wind on the film reel does not turn, and when i go to take a picture the light seel does not open to let any light in. Can any body recomend anything? Thanks
  7. vx-max

    1st Roll Of Film

    I really like the last one man, props
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    dude your inbox is full, clear some messages so I can get back to you
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    Cheers you two, and thanks for the help If anyone is interested in this bayo, let me know. Might even sell the whole lens
  10. vx-max


    Im prett sure its the OG one, its just, this is the first time I have seen this lens in the flesh so I thought there might be a way to tell.
  11. vx-max


    I got a good deal on it to refuse if it was either, the guy selling it did not know a lot at all. It was a second hand/trade in shop that had an ebay account. And for the question above, I don't know. I sound like im right thick, sorry. Im going to take some pictures
  12. vx-max


    I will post some pictures later
  13. vx-max


    Hey everyone, I just got a mk1, and it does not fit on my vx1. The bayo looks to be too big but I cant figre out what camera it could be for. And How can I tell the difference between the mk1 og and the mk1 intermediate. I have not had a chance to test the lens yet so I can not see in footage. Thanks in advanced
  14. vx-max


    Untitled by merrrv, on Flickr let me know what you think, open to crits please