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  1. Kinder!

    Firewire Thunderbolt adapter

    can i use USB to thunderbolt to firewire? my laptop does not have a thunderbolt port
  2. Kinder!

    Smartphone filming

    Sup y'all, Since we exist in 2018, the year of the future, I was wondering if there's more people using their little smart gadgets to film/photograph skateboarding, as almost everyone is walking around with a 720p HD camera in his pocket. Here's two clips i filmed with my iPhone 7 (+ 3$ ebay fisheye): https://vimeo.com/256632279 https://vimeo.com/256632490 (password: skate) (Because I've never been a fan of HD filming, I sometimes use different apps to get the old look.)
  3. Kinder!

    What's In The Mail?

    i got them too they are sick
  4. Kinder!


    tell him to lurk SP maybe he's gonna find this thread
  5. Kinder!

    Unofficial: Handle/camera Stabilization Thread

    you can attach to your homemade handle an accessory shoe like I did, it's not that big of a deal
  6. Kinder!

    Cheap (hd) Camera

  7. Kinder!

    Rest In Peace Jack

    u made me sad
  8. Kinder!

    Why Does Everyone Hate The Vx2000?

    who's hating vx2000's?
  9. Kinder!

    How Do You Find Your Songs?

    pandora doesn't work internationally...so i'll go with grooveshark... thanks flipsk8r051!
  10. Kinder!

    Capturing Through Usb

    damn i totally forgot about spoogle...sorry and thanks stolen!
  11. Kinder!

    Capturing Through Usb

    As the title says, how do I capture through USB? do i need a special editing/capturing program? I got a firewire card but my motherboard has only 2 PCI slots and one of them is used by the sound card and the other is covered by the cooler from the video card. So help me out please I really need to get some movies out? and how much will this affect the quality?
  12. Kinder!

    Post Your First Montage

    First days with my camera... JVC everio gz-mg330
  13. Kinder!

    Filming Board Shape

    most helpful post in this thread
  14. Kinder!

    Word Association Thread

    orphan tears