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  1. derfunkl


    I feel you, I shot a few like that at the start, but noticed you can't see how deep the part of the bench you sit on is, which I didn't like cause it look just like a flat bar
  2. derfunkl


    Yeah I know, all I have is a 50mm and there is another bench to the right just out of frame that got in the way of the angle I wanted to shoot from. Buy me a 24-70 and I'll reshoot
  3. derfunkl


    We got kicked out twice by the same security guard so second time he turned on his siren until we actually left haha. He landed it just before this photo
  4. derfunkl


    Heres my part. I only have 5 Copies left!
  5. derfunkl


    Here's Jeff Carlyles part from the video. There are only 10 copies of the video left if anyone wants one $10 @ http://retrogradefilm.bigcartel.com
  6. derfunkl


    If anyone is interested in buying a dvd, there is about only 20 left
  7. derfunkl


    Here is Austin Flood and Andrew Fiene's parts I still have some DVDs left for $10
  8. derfunkl

    Bs Grind 24 Rail

    I know it's pretty bad. It looks a lot worse though since I embedded it with Flickr.
  9. derfunkl

    Bs Grind 24 Rail

    Flickr really fucked it up Watch the footage here:
  10. derfunkl


    Here is Michael Scheidt's part from the video.
  11. derfunkl


    If anyones interested DVDs are available now at: http://retrogradefilm.bigcartel.com Featuring: Andrew Fiene Austin Flood Dustin Partridge Jeff Carlyle Kris Burkhardt Kyle Chavez Michael Scheidt Richard Parry Tyler Sueda Run Time - 37 mins
  12. derfunkl


    Ah shit really? I thought it was three haha, I haven't posted in a while.
  13. derfunkl


    just some recent throwaway/warm-up tricks i've posted on instagram lately, i hate that most of my photos get viewed on a 4 inch screen so i thought id post em on here
  14. derfunkl


    epic spot